Posted by Mary Marlin on Dec 20, 2017
Have you ever had a festive evening at a scenic lakefront locale drinking Tom and Jerrys, eating delicious food, surrounded by chatty, excited friends with games on the table and the thought of not caring when it will end? 
 Okay.....let's adjust that a bit and make it lunch with Lakewood Rotarians at the Tacoma Golf and Country Club (eating delicious food), celebrating the annual roast of President Don Daniels by the Puffins and their committed coaches.  Gotta love it! As folks were checking their watches, spoons were heard clanging and the Tom and Jerrys were becoming a distant memory. (That's what they do to you!) members this year....began to circle the crowd wishing all well and encouraging fellow Rotarians to get this party started! And so they did, as all proved loyal to the cause. Arriving at the lectern with an ample amount of sorta beige curly hair was the DDD, (Don Daniels by Day and Johnny Walker by night).
Above: DDD
The real DD (pres. Don Daniels), being his good-natured self, and ready for "whatever," was on his best smiling behavior while the crowd eagerly awaited the ding of the bell and the start of the last meeting of Lakewood Rotary for 2017.  And "whatever" began!
     DDD called the meeting to order and Paula Olson gave the "interesting" invocation. A lovely bugle serenade, from Morris Northcutt, was the National Anthem; Charlene the Puffin led the Pledge of Allegiance and DDD suggested we "Get comfortable, folks."  And so we did. Charlene explained the game on each table. She knew a heavy lunch and the beverages would take a toll, so she wanted to keep the team awake and "give generously" to the Emergency Food Network. Pinto beans on the tables were to be used for markers for diagonal, four corners, L,  or straight line bingo. The winners were to holler bingo when needed. There were prizes. 
Then there was the "Safety Issue". In order to avoid DD's hair getting messed up, DD was elevated on a step stool, given a vivid safety vest, and circled with extensive caution tape at which DD remarked, "Let the fun begin!" And DDD warned "It's gonna be a long one for you!" He also mentioned the citation, not fines, would be put in the safety helmets on the tables and the more the merrier.  Of course, it's the merry holidays! Immediately, there was a citation given to DD for an unattractive crease down the side of the safety vest. (But he didn't buy isn't easy!)  Then Rob Erb, Bob Zawilski, Leon Titus, Bob Hammar, Walt Richardson and Teresa (who keeps the Country Club so organized), and yours truly were given kudos for showing up. The Tom and Jerry staff of Rick Selden, John Lowney, and Bill Allen were given thanks for their generous helpings of rum dollups in warm mugs. Puffin Echo Curry welcomed visiting Rotarians from Gig Harbor, Parkland, and Puyallup. Guests were Fae Crabill, Tom's wife, and DD's family with wife, Lisa and daughters Shelley and Chrystal....his support team. Also attending were Bob Zawilski's "same old wife" Marilyn. (Now there's a citation AND a fine!)
Bill Allen's wife, Regina, and son, Payton also attended as did Eric Quinn's "new, beautiful wife, Johanah" (take note, Bob); and Eric's mother, Kris Quinn, also attended. Troy's wife, Stephanie, and Ted Wier's wife, Carole also joined the party.
Above: The Tom and Jerry Makers
   Announcements were made.....please note!
John Lowney suggested we sign up for the Lakewood Lions crab feed dinner with dancing to the Rockodiles. The crab feed takes place at the McGavick Center on Saturday, January 27th at 6 PM. Tickets are $50 per person. The last day to purchase tickets is January 18. For tickets, visit The proceeds of the crab feed go to Lions community service projects in Lakewood.
The Race Across America team will meet at Burrs Restaurant and 10 volunteers are already on it. Mark Edgecomb has bikes ready at Seldens on Wed, the 20th at 10:30 AM.
The next meeting on January 5 will be at  the Clover Park Rotunda.  
    DDD asked those who volunteered at the EFN to stand. All others needed to pay citations. Then he required citations if you had done the electric slide at parties, golfed in the last month, traveled outside the state in the last 3 months (ouch!), had been a pres, at Lakewood or thought about it, or were sitting next to a Puffin. Whew! Pretty much got everybody! Don Anderson was  happy to sponsor Charlene, and her husband may soon join us. He will also contribute to Paul Harris. Mary Horn has a story to tell (probably several), but I digress. She finally joined Rotary after Greg neglected to invite her. So with 20 years of Rotary and 40 years of marriage, Mary agreed a citation was needed. When she asked if he had anything to say.......the answer was a quiet, "No." Good thinking, Greg! Paula Olson's sponsor, Chris Kimball, made her happy with her Lola car and the fact Chris is a drummer. She cited him anyway. Bob Zawilski is donating his RMD to Paul Harris while Bob Hammar boasted he paid when he walked in.
Judy Hosea sent a sweet video of her on the road travels and mentioned to DD that "It's all downhill from here." Judy encouraged her Puffin Echo to use her skills, technology, youth and fancy fingernails to benefit others. It's obvious Echo is doing just that. Then "bingo, bingo, bingo" everywhere and the crowd heard the birthdays this month: Greg Horn, Bob Peterson, Larry Clark, Scott Buser, Chuck Hellar, John Forkenbrock, and Paul Wulfestieg. Wedding Anniversaries were Eric Quinn...6 days...Vaughn Hoffman ...51years, Dave Covey...50 years, Charlene the Puffin...20 years.  December Anniversaries were John Korsmo, John Warner, Tom Crabill, Echo Curry, Paula Olson, Mary Horn, Peter  Marsh, Sally Smith, and a few others I may have missed.
      Here are a few revelation about our DD....
He's a party animal. The video proved it! Plants are intimidated by him. He was the only one who fit into the deep well! His lawn manicure scissors he uses as precisely as an open heart surgeon. Flamingos in his yard have caused some interesting gossip. He blows the leaves in his yard in his pajamas. He has been digging deeply in his property. Some think China is involved, or dinosaurs, or bomb shelters or an ancient burial ground. To be continued. His daughters, Chrystal and Shelley revealed he loves Rod Stewart, has the best hair in the family and loves his grandkids esp. when sharing movies, chicken strips and fun times.
With a possible shortage of hair spray in Pierce County, DD thanked the Puffins and the Puffin Team for being kind and he welcomed visitors  and fellow Rotarians with "I wish you a wonderful holiday season and sorry you have to suffer with me for another six months." With that smile,  and knowing that we had more attendance than any other meeting with 71 folks, it was obvious, Pres., that we have your back.  And the last meeting of 2017 was adjourned.  
Happy Holidays to all and may 2018 be the best ever.............yours truly, Mary Marlin