Posted by Gayle Selden on Dec 08, 2017
The December 8th meeting of the Rotary Club of Lakewood was rung to order right on time by President Don Daniels. Charlene Miseli shared the invocation and Bill Allen led us in the pledge. President Daniels thanked Bob Hammar and Rob Erb for the set up; Jim Rooks for collecting $392 at the Foundation Desk; Leon Titus on the ticket sales, Photographer Troy Wilcox and bulletin writer Gayle Selden.
He then asked Rob Erb to introduce our Visiting Rotarians, of which we had absolutely none. President Daniels then called on Rob to make an announcement:  Saturday, Dec 16th they are looking for volunteers to place wreaths on gravestones as part of Wreaths Across America. Meet at 7 am at Burs Restaurant for breakfast. Carpool to JBLM and should be finished about noon on Saturday.
Mark Edgecomb then talked about the Bike Delivery happening on the same day, December 16th, starting at 11am. Meet at Ed Selden Carpet One, 3901 Steilacoom Blvd SW to deliver the 31 bikes to Clover Park School students and JBLM kids.
Charlene Miseli made an announcement about the EFN Food Repack which took place Saturday. Good work to the happy Break Baggers who filled 1000 bags! (Ed. Note: Those earning well deserved makeups: Greg & Mary Horn, Tom (and Fae) Crabill, Ted (and Carole) Wier, Greg (and Sharon) Rediske, Clint Johnson, Johnny Walker (and three friends), Sally Porter Smith, Echo Abernathy, Barlow Buescher, James (and Susan) Guerrero, Chuck Hellar, Paula Olson, Sonia Martinez)
Charlene also reminded everyone to bring small, unmarked bills next Friday, the 15th for the Presidential Roast. All money raised that day will go to EFN.
Dave Coleman, fresh off being our stand in Program last week, gave us an update that our tiles are now bricks and although there is a question left with the city we are moving forward.
Past President Rose Stevens presented the club with two plaques from the Rotary Club of Dhuhkihel, Nepal and the GGC Nepal Limited in honor our commitment to the Nepal Bio Gas project. District 5020 worked together to bring Bio Gas to earthquake victims in rural Nepal. Bio Gas is renewable energy and we will learn more about it when Rose and Mary Marlin tell us about the project and their recent visit in an upcoming program.
Past President Rose then brought to the membership two proposals from the World Community Service committee. The first proposal was for $4,000 for the Purwanchal School for the Deaf. This will help provide electrical and plumbing for a hostel which will hold 100 students. The second proposal was $2000 for a peer support program for women recovering from mental illness in Koshish.  Both were approved by the membership.
President Daniels then reported about the President’s Council Meeting. Plans are already being laid for the next Rotary year, The President Elect of RI has already stated we want to double Rotaract Clubs and concentrate on Social Media, Hunger and Poverty.
There is a committee working on creating a major project for the 16 Pierce County Rotary Clubs. Currently a fundraiser at the head of the pile is an Amazing Race style competitive race. Mary Horn and Chuck Hellar have volunteered for this committee. See Don if you are interested in volunteering as well.
Final Presidential announcement was that Sam Hunter is currently working on updating our bylaws to match Rotary International.
At this point in time Sergeant at Arms Rob Erb asked the President if we were going to introduce guests. The President did ask for guests, just like he planned. We had a wonderful guest in Regina Allen, wife of Bill.
When Citation Time came around there was still a bit of a Sergeant at Arms and presidential beef. The President fined himself for a trip to San Diego. Jan Gee paid for a vacation to NYC. Mary Marlin celebrated her 30 days on the road in Nepal and Germany with $30. Larry Clark paid a Happy Birthday fine. Mo Sarram gave $20 for a trip to San Jose with all his kids and grandkids.
Then the Sergeant at Arms tried to fine the President again for missing the announcement of guests. The President insisted that was his original plan. Rob started walking to the front of the room like he was going to take over the meeting. It was a regular coup d'etat.  Luckily, Rob backed down. Don better keep one eye on him for the rest of the year.
Andrew Neidtz introduced our speaker Bill Lokey, an Emergency Management specialist. Bill has been involved in the clean up of numerous disasters-including 911 and Oklahoma City. He has also climbed a bunch of mountains including Mt Rainier 40 times.
Bill came to us to talk about Hurricanes-That was Then, This is Now.
Bill was the Federal Coordinating Officer with FEMA for Hurricane Katrina in 2005. He gave an excellent first-hand account of one of the most difficult storm situations. He was Bush’s “Big Guy” in the response. He was also Congress’s whipping boy after the clean-up.
 Hurricane Katrina was over 90,000 square miles of damage area (larger than the State of Washington). The landing site of New Orleans was predicted. The storm broke the levees and 1500 people perished.
At the time FEMA had been moved under the umbrella of Homeland Security. The budget had been cut and the new National Response Plan was slow to develop. They were not prepared for a storm of that scale, they did have a plan in place but were overwhelmed. And they were not helped by state and local policies.
FEMA is a supplemental system to the state’s. Meaning FEMA may bring water but the state must distribute it. In Louisiana’s case, their plan was for the National Guard to distribute. However, their National Guard was in Iraq.
Another problem in Katrina is that people were evacuated to the Superdome. But the Superdome did not have water or food. And once it was flooded all around, they couldn’t get food, water or portable bathrooms to the people.
They did have some successes including moving medical patients, building a transportation company bigger than Greyhound and moving more water, food and supplies in five days than they had previously done.
Because of Katrina some big changes have occurred including-the FEMA director (now not under Homeland Security) must have emergency management experience, they spend more money on planning and training, the ability to use military is delegated to a lower level (so helicopters can get out there faster), all shelters are preplanned and have supplies inside at all times. In the planning, special consideration is given for fragile citizens/senior citizens. And they also include pets in all emergency management plans.
It was an excellent program and I think we could have a Part II!
Mary Jo Strom Copeland drew white for $5
And from the Hosea Travel Diary:
Hi Greg and friends in Rotary!
Well.....we have finally made some progress in our effort to reach the Gulf Shores  of Texas by December 12th. has definitely challenged my “No Bad Days” sticker pasted to the bathroom mirror (well above my head level).  Tom has been fighting spasms of his piriformis muscle which is attached to the sciatica.  I have no idea what that means....but it is some sort of a Charlie horse that doesn’t relax.  He is in agony most of the time and it is miserable.  On day-ONE leaving the RV repair shop in Lafayette (near McMinnville), we suffered our third tire blowout in the past three months.  With less than 15,000 miles on “Large Marge” and all new tires on our truck “Dude” was, shall we say.....disappointing.  I was driving this time and we were on the freeway, just north of Cottage Grove.  After “road service” put on our spare, we limped to Les Schwab and purchased four TONKA TRUCK tires with sidewalls about an inch thick.  That solved that problem.  Ten tires have been purchased in the past 10 months...we should be good to go. 
With Tom on the injured reserve.....I am now driving the bulk of freeway miles.  I am still not “checked out” on parking, gassing up....and anything scary.  So far, so good.  I have also had the opportunity to hook up the water, electric, sewer and work the leveling jacks.  Tom is working himself out of a job.  And since the warranty on him appears to be up.....he should watch himself!

Well....we are tonight in Mohave headed for Arizona tomorrow.  It is a fast track to make it to Gulf Waters Resort for our December 12th reservation.  We had originally planned to take
 a month or two to get there.  Oh well....there are “No Bad Days”.  We will set up physical therapy and maybe acupuncture for Tom once we get there.  Can that possibly qualify for a Christmas Present?  YIKES!

Our best wishes to Mike McGowan for a speedy recovery and Happy Holidays to all of you!  As soon as I get rid of my saddle sores from this fast and lengthy trip....I will update with fabulous pictures.

Love and best wishes!
And fresh from the Las Vegas wedding of Eric and Johanah.