Posted by Donn Irwin on Apr 20, 2018
Once again President Daniels opened the meeting right on time, which is, in reality, whenever he wants to the ring the bell.
Dan Livingston invoked us. Gordy Quick (welcome back Gordy) pledged us and so we were off to the rest of the meeting. Said meeting being set up by the Fab Five of Ward, Duncan, Rob, Troy and MISTER Hammar. James Guerrero took our $319.00 and added that sum to the Paul Harris Fund. Barb Spriggs sold us tickets and stood in as the Sergeant-At-Arms. Eric Quinn (welcome back Eric) served as the cameraman and Donn Irwin acted as a writer.
Barb Spriggs announced our one visiting Rotarian – Stan Miner from Seattle International. Bob Lordahl introduced one Jim Eshelman as his guest. Jim is a former dentist. Imagine him knowing Bob…Rick Selden then popped up and made a tongue-in-cheek introduction of his “guest”\visiting Rotarian – Tom Sadler.
President Don made a request to all of us that any Sunshine information be passed through John Forkenbrock before it is announced. There are some folks that may not want their personal health situations known.
Bob Peterson introduced this month’s Lakewood Rotary Student of the Month, Fernanda Cruz from Clover Park High School. Bob also introduced Tim Stults, Fernanda’s Principal and her Counselor, Monique Hanks. Here is the scoop on Fernanda:
Fernanda is a committed leader at Clover Park High School. She’s described as caring, involved and driven and is a strong mentor to younger students. She is a member of the school’s ASB, and involved in several school clubs that provide students with support so they can be successful students.
As a senior, Fernanda knows how important it is to be connected to services that can help her be successful after high school and as a college student. She has been a dedicated Advancement Via Individual Determination (also known as AVID) student for the past three years.
Fernanda’s first language is Spanish; however, it only took two years for her to become fluent in English. She has challenged herself with five different, year-long Advanced Placement classes ranging from English and social studies to science. She has often landed on the honor roll throughout her time at Clover Park High School. Congratulations Fernanda.
  Above: Lakewood Rotary Student of the Month, Fernanda Cruz (Bob Peterson to the left)
Since it is baseball season we need at least one Casey Stengel quote – right?  Casey once said this about two 20-year-old players: “In ten years, Ed Kranepool has a chance to be a star. In 10 years, Greg Goosen has a chance to be 30.”
 Gayle Selden led off the announcement parade with a short summary of the Sportsman’s Dinner and Auction results (to that point). Gross receipts are over $140,000. Raise the Paddle brought in over $30,000. Gayle noted that the first Raise the Paddle for the pavilion at Ft. Steilacoom brought in 12k. Last year the total was 18k. So, if my rudimentary math skills are correct, we raised as much at the 2018 event for the pavilion as we did in the previous 2 years combined through the Raise the Paddle event. (I’m sure that Jim W will check my math). Congratulations my fellow Lakewood Rotarians. You people are awesome!
Gayle also mentioned that you will be tracked down if you are missing auction items and/or your credit card was rejected. Hopefully, the later didn’t happen as I wouldn’t want Gayle on my tail with her upcoming ascendancy to President.
Dave Coleman reported that concrete has been poured for the main slab of the pavilion and that lumber is being delivered this week. Things are happening! Dave encouraged us to take a drive and go see the progress.
Rick Selden popped up once again and explained to the club members that we needed to fill out the survey that was on our tables. A free pen was even provided! Rick shared that he and Rose Stevens had attended a Rotary-sponsored event about membership and recharging batteries….I’m not sure I understood the “connection” but it appeared have a “positive” result. (This is where Chris K. is supposed to give a rim shot on his drum kit).
Here’s a useful phrase (with a twist) for you to use: “Perscriptio in manibus tabellariorum est.”
Also known as “the check is in the mail.”
Above: A sleeping Rotarian (the photo is dark so you decide who it is)
Eric Warn then took the mic and announced that, for those attending the pre-function before the Tacoma Concert Band event this Saturday and haven’t paid as yet – you need to get that done.
Steve Mazoff asked for help on 4\28. The park needs some cleaning up.
Rose Stevens asked for help putting center pieces together for the upcoming District Conference. The assembly is taking place at Foley’s at Meadow Park Golf Course. I believe she said it was happening Saturday 4\21 (could have been Friday the 20th) but since I’m writing this after the event it really doesn’t matter.
Eric Quinn, just back from his honeymoon trip to Tahiti, gave President Don a gift of suntan lotion. I believe Eric was showing his “dark” side with that gift. He thanked Bob Hammar for building such a beautiful place and referred to it as “magical.” After paying for not only the place, the honeymoon, the air fare, and all that goes with a trip like that + missing all of those billable hours while he was gone, Eric still added $30.00 to the citation fund.
Joe Quinn was called out by President Don – seems as though Joe went to Arizona and Southern California. I wonder who was minding the store whilst the Quinns played.
Dr. Rooks took a trip out West – way out West. So far West that, methinks he technically went East. The good doctor went to Australia and had the opportunity to stay with a family that had hosted him during R&R from the war in Vietnam. Nice story!
Tom Sadler stated that he thought the last time he was at a meeting, Greenleaf was President. He sold eight boats. Paid $20.00. It was good to see Mr. Sadler.
Barb Spriggs paid $48.00 in honor of selling her ’48 Cessna. Congratulations Barb!
In honor of the military theme of our meeting I’d like to share the military definition of a rather common object: “Hexiform rotatable surface compression unit."  Can you name it? The answer comes after you have read all of this beautiful prose. 
Above: Presenter, Kent Troy
The esteemed Mary Moss introduced our speaker for this meeting, Kent Troy. Mary thanked Mr. Troy for joining us. Mr. Troy was born in Roswell, NM to a career Army officer. He served 20 years in the Army and then transitioned to civilian life by becoming the Chief of Protocol for the First Corps. Currently Kent is the second VP for the Captain Meriwether Lewis Chapter of AUSA and is Secretary for the Lakewood Chapter
Mr. Troy confessed to us that he has always enjoyed being a soldier and working with soldiers, ergo, he joined AUSA.
AUSA started in July of 1950 and was made up of military folks. In July of 1956 the organization became a private, nonprofit organization with no military personnel as employees. The organization informs its members and communicates with Congress regarding issues that involve military personnel.
Split into 9 regions with 121 Chapters, AUSA has about 77,000 members nationwide. There are 3300 community partners with 9 being in Lakewood. One of Kent’s goals is to get more Lakewood community partners. The Lakewood Chapter is the aforementioned Captain Meriwether Lewis Chapter.
AUSA publishes a magazine and newsletter along with a few other publications in order to keep people informed about what is going on in the Army. They put together symposiums and breakfasts to keep their members up to date and informed.
Community involvement takes many forms – locally AUSA did a Freedom Ride, a Breakfast with Santa and Hoops for Heroes Basketball Tournament.
They put on two major “Operations.” One is called the Turkey Drop where they collect money to get 1100 turkeys delivered at Thanksgiving to military personnel that can’t afford one. The other operation is called Ham Grenade. This operation uses the same principle as the Turkey Drop but delivers 1200 hams at Christmas instead of turkeys.
Mr. Troy’s presentation was excellent. He did a nice job of delivering the material and fielded several questions at the conclusion of his talk.
Baseball again. Babe Ruth once confessed that he had a superstition. He said, “I have only one superstition. I make sure to touch all the bases when I hit a home run.”
This week’s drawing had 6 white chips and 1 red chip. The red chip would yield $730.00 while the white would get you $5.00. Eric Warn won the drawing for the second time in three weeks. At least this time he only drew one chip. Eric is now $5.00 richer (less the purchase price of the ticket of course).
The bell rang and we were done.
Okay Greg and Ole you most likely conspired to try to guess what the answer is to the hexiform shaped object. If you thought “steel nut” you were right.
By the way, report to Greg Rediske that you read this bulletin and you will get a make-up. Furthermore, be sure to do any of your online shopping at Amazon Smile, so a portion of your purchase can be allocated to Lakewood Rotary! Next Friday’s presentation will be our very own John Caulfield, City of Manager of Lakewood, presenting the “State of the City.”