Posted by Mary Marlin on May 18, 2018
Welcome to another eventful Lakewood Rotary Club meeting. Don Daniels, ever punctual, dinged the bell and all rose to the occasion. He warmly welcomed fellow Rotarians, visiting Rotarians and guests.  He  then asked Mick Johnson to give the invocation and Ted Wier to lead us in the flag salute.
Once completed, he thanked the following members for helping with today's responsibilities. They were:
Meeting Set Up:  Duncan Cook, Rob Erb, Ward Fletcher and Bob Hammar
Paul Harris Table: Chuck Hellar
Drawing Ticket Sales: Barb Spriggs
Bulletin Writer:  Yours truly
Bulletin Photographer: Walt Richardson
Sergeant at Arms: Barb Spriggs
Greeter: Christine Vu
      The president then admitted that he had forgotten to thank the helpers last week ("Didn't want to be too predictable"). He acknowledged that all folks in the club are helping and all are doing good work. The members relaxed. No citations here.....yet. Rob Erb then introduced a visiting Rotarian, Dennis Bushman. (I think that's right. I do know he has worked extensively in Africa.) John Forkenbrock  had no sunshine report. Good news.  Greg Horn introduced Dick Muri, a member of the House of Representatives of WA state. Steve Enquist introduced his wife, Anne, who soon after being introduced became a welcome member of Lakewood Rotary with Steve and Donna Phillips as sponsors! Christine Vu was happy to present Anne with her Puffin too! A few announcements included facts that the dues will be increased from $160 to $185 (still reasonable compared to other clubs and raised only the first time in five years), several Paul Harris awards would be given today, and Rob Erb mentioned saving June 16 from 9-1 to help with the landscaping at the Pavilion.  More information later.  Kim Prentice then introduced the Lakewood Rotary Educators of the Month.
Above: Julie Jones, Lakewood Rotary Educator of the Month
Lakewood Rotary's Educators of the Month for May are Holly Kay from Chloe Clark Elementary School in the Historic Steilacoom School District and Julie Jones from Beachwood Elementary School in Clover Park School District.  Holly Kay is kind, patient and a truly gifted teacher.  She is a second grade teacher and has been at Chloe Clark for five years.  In that time, she has made a tremendous impact on the school, her teaching team, her students and the community.  She is an outstanding team member and has both excellent technical as well as interpersonal skills. Exceptional at developing strong relationships with her students, Holly understands that connecting with them is vital to learning taking place.  She makes the same connections with parents.  Holly is a real "student" of the education profession.  She is well-read, understands assessment, curriculum and Common Core standards. And she works hard to ensure her students get the very best education possible.  Her principal says that "[A]ll principals should have the pleasure of having staff such as Holly.  Her professionalism and teaching skills are simply outstanding!"   Julie Jones, another impressive educator, has worked in Clover Park School District for 31 years, seven of which have been at Beachwood Elementary School on Joint Base Lewis -McChord.  Her outstanding qualities include being passionate about teaching, and being enthusiastic and willing to serve as an advocate.  Julie is a compassionate educator who believes in and values each individual student.  As a music teacher, Julie works hard to teach not only her music curriculum, but also character traits like honesty, integrity, perseverance and trustworthiness.   She recently spearheaded a "kindness" campaign with fourth and fifth graders, where students were challenged to do acts of kindness without expecting anything in return.  Julie knows how important academics are, but also knows the importance of developing good people.  Her work with students does both. Julie is a staff leader, not because of her 31 years in the district, but because of who she is and how she conducts herself.  She is well respected and often sought out for advice, ideas and counsel. She goes the extra mile for her colleagues and students and has helped shape the culture at Beachwood into the positive atmosphere it is.  Congratulations to Holly and Julie and thank you for your dedication to the children of our community!! Both teachers then shared their love of their profession and greatly appreciated the recognition and the awards given. 
     Steve Enquist then mentioned several important facts. If any member wants to recommend a Rotarian award or an award for a non Rotarian, the suggestions need to be sent to Steve by next Friday. Each member is encouraged to donate at least $25 toward Every Rotarian Every Year. Hopefully, sustaining members will donate $100. To date we have donated more than one million dollars and are one of the top three clubs in the district. Three members were then introduced as new Paul Harris Award recipients.  Mary Moss received her first Paul Harris pin.  Barb Spriggs received her second one.  And Rob Erb earned his third Paul Harris pin. As Don mentioned, "We should be very proud of these individuals and all they have done!" 
     Christine Vu then volunteered to help Greg Horn with The Birthday Report.  Below are the special birthdays noted. 
May 1...Duncan Cook....donated $25
May 1...Bill Price
May 5....Bob Hammar
May 8...Sally Smith....donated $20
May 10....Bob Lordahl....donated $20
May 12...Rob Erb....donated $20
May 25...Chaz Heberle lll.....donated $20
May 27...John Caulfield
May 30...John Warner....donated $100
Above: New Lakewood Rotarian, Anne Enquist
The Anniversaries were:
Dan Livingston and Leah: 20 years
Alejandro Sanchez-Perez and Laura: 21 years
Cal Kushen and Kai: 40 years
Jim Weinand and Jennie: 41 years
The following members joined Rotary several years ago.....
Troy Wilcox...3 years
Ron Irwin...37 years
Gayle Selden...11 years 
Clayton DeNault...6 years
Jay Mayer...18 years
Bill Allen...14 years
Bill Potter...14 years
Vaughn Hoffman...30 years
Congratulations to all !!!     
     Greg and Mary Horn, our amazing organizers of the District Conference this year at the Murano, then wanted to thank all those who volunteered their services to help make this conference one of the "best ever". (attendees quote)  Greg said it was pretty overwhelming when he accepted Tom Carroll's need for a Chairman. "Of course, I said yes, but I needed a Co-Chair! Mary, I turn this over to you!"  And Mary's humorous reply, " Story of my life..."  Both Mary and Greg were so appreciative of everyone's help. Here are some of the major players:  Don Daniels, the cheerleader and host for speaker Scott Smiley/ Greg Rediske, the energetic emcee/Mark Edgecomb and Sally Smith, co-chairs and flower providers/ Charles Heberle for the OutReach Program/Rose Stevens, Barb Spriggs and Mary Marlin for Sergeant at Arms responsibilities/Stephanie and Troy Wilcox for table decorations/ John Lowney for helping with hydrating beverages and all who stepped up to help in so many ways. Greg also volunteered to loan his book by Scott Smiley to those who want to be inspired by an incredible individual blinded by an explosive device but who has come through his experience with optimism, strength and incredible leadership to others.
     Sally Smith then introduced our speaker of the day, Colonel Charles Heberle lll. She happened to mention that he had an opportunity to receive baseball pitches from JFK. Interesting!  Here are some specifics of Charles's talk....certainly many years of serving others.  His degree is from Norwich University, with a Masters in psychology. He admitted he was a spunky student who proved them wrong when he was encouraged to exit his school early on. He worked at Harvard, spent 28 years in the Army, was a helicopter pilot in Viet Nam, participated in the Democracy Renaissance Program in Russia in 2005, and now there are 97 Rotary clubs in Russia. He is a third generation Rotarian, has spent 29 years in Rotary, now speaks to clubs in the US and Russia, has worked in the Pentagon and NATO and when the first Russians joined NATO he was an eager host. His training programs in democracy  reflect his quote...."Democracy is  the human race trying to grow up." Focusing on the meaning of democracy with teenagers has proven interesting and inventive. Charles has made it happen. His willingness and eagerness to assist the cultures of the US and Russia have given Rotarians and others insight that would not have been realized without his hard work and passionate interest in the need for all to learn about one another. "Freedom is not free."  Don then sincerely thanked Charles for his amazing service to our country. 
  Don then teased the members about something Dave Betz did. More to come at the next meeting. The good news was the Rotary Foundation earned $462 and Mike McGowan put $5 in his pocket from the raffle.  And the members departed into the sunshine.   Yours truly, Mary Marlin 
   Oh yes. If you shop online do so at Amazon Smile so that you can donate a portion of your purchase to Lakewood Rotary. Also, tell Greg Rediske if you read this bulletin so you can get a make-up.