President Rose rang the bell and called the sparsely attended meeting to order. (It must have been a Friday before a holiday). Scott Buser led us in prayer and Ted Wier followed with the Pledge of Allegiance. (Ole subtly pointed out to me that there was one person sitting down during the Pledge. He said his name was Colin something….). 
The cast of characters assisting with the meeting were the Three Amigos – Rob, Bob (Mr. Hammar) and Duncan. Mick Johnson and James Guerrero were at the Paul Harris table, new guy Joe sold us drawing tickets while your photo guy for this issue was Bob Zawilski and your intrepid beat writer was Donn Irwin (again, that would be me). The Sergeant at Arms this week was no other than “Chuckals” Hellar.
Obviously visiting Rotarians and guests realized that it was a holiday weekend as the room was devoid of those critters. Even John Forkenbrock didn’t have Sunshine….an extremely good thing!
Announcements were quick and to the point – our exchange student needs some fun activities to attend, buy a ticket and go to the Rick King event this Saturday, and a big Thank You to Troy Wilcox for helping with the sound equipment
Then we all got to sing Happy Birthday to Ward Fletcher. His age wasn’t given but it’s rumored that he knew FDR before he became President….. (It was noted that Phil Eng sounded a little off key, but what the heck, at least he was singing).
President Rose was hunting for Tyler Andrew once again. I don’t know what the guy has done but the Pres seems to hunting for him every week. President Rose then tried to sell Rick King tickets and found a taker – Vaughn Hoffman came up with a few bucks to buy a ticket. Thank you Vaughn. Andrew Neiditz announced Scholarship awards. At this point our esteemed President realized that she hadn’t “gonged” her gong and so, in order to pick up the pace of the meeting, she did just that. Now that she woke everyone from their naps and had our attention, Rose launched into an announcement about the TFR Centennial Motorcycle Expedition – in India no less. This sounds like an amazing trip – 14 days of sightseeing, Rotary fellowship, history and exotic food whilst riding around in Southern India – all for $2000.00. For more info email: . Perhaps one could drive a Honda Odyssey instead of a motorbike?
And then there were fines: Mike Zaro pitched in a couple of green leafs for taking his daughter to Pullman and taking a vacation. Rob Erb accused President Rose of looking like a McDonald’s employee and wanted to order a hamburger from her….then paid a fine for heading up a Fly In at the Bremerton airport that brought in over 700 planes and an untold number of cars. He also thanked Troy Wilcox for his work on the sound system. Phil Eng paid a green leaf to find out why Ole re-named the Roadster Romp. Ole stood up and filled us all with a bunch of “stuff” having to do with Odyssey Mini Vans. At least Phil got his question answered….I think. Larry Clark paid for his 5th wedding anniversary (where is Mr. Horn…is he still part of the club?). Vaughn Hoffman paid some more bucks for his dog doing well in a herding trial (Vaughn, those dogs are getting expensive – but, Rotary thanks them!). Phil Eng popped up again to announce the Roadster Romp -or whatever it will be called once Magnuson and Eng figure it out – for next year. Mark your calendars for Sept. 8,9, and 10 for a road trip to Prosser WA, complete with wine!
President Rose then told a story about a kayak trip. When she was done all I could write down was “???”. I must have taken a little nap right about then.
Above: Presenter, Sara Allen 
Our program featured the Children’s Therapy Center which was formed in 1979 for children with special needs and was presented to us through Sara Allen. Sara showed a video of what the Center is all about and then let us know that there are three locations: Burien, Kent and just off of Hosmer in Tacoma. The centers provide services that help the kids walk, talk and eat. They service 3400 kids a year. The organization involves the family in teaching therapies and strategies. The rising cost of health care along with lower reimbursement payments and fewer providers of insurance are all serious challenges to the Center. Sara’s job is to find the funds to make up the shortfall between the cost of the care and the reimbursement funds.
Rose rang the bell. Sara drew a ticket and then another one as the first one wasn’t responded to. Troy Wilcox had the winning ticket for a chance at $352.00. 17 White chips and one red. Troy stuck in his thumb and pulled out a pl.., er white chip. $5.00 winner!
The amazing members of Lakewood Rotary donated $912.00 to the foundation…you people are awesome!
Einstein, in an attempt to explain his theory of relativity once said: When you are with a pretty  girl that you are interested in, an hour seems like a second. When you are standing barefoot on a bed of hot coals a second seems like an hour.
Ole, who reads this stuff anyway?