Posted by Donn Irwin on Sep 01, 2017
President Don brought the meeting to order at precisely the time he wanted it to start. Scott Buser gave the invocation and Eric Quinn led us in the pledge.
Our Rotary moment was a somber reminder of the woes going on with the folks in Texas that are struggling with the effects of Hurricane Harvey. President Don shared with us that a Rotary 8 member, Larry Treleven, has employees and an office in Dallas. The office was destroyed as were the homes of many of his 50 employees. The Pres let us know that Shelter Box, an organization that we support, has a dedicated fund for Hurricane Harvey relief (that means that every dollar you donate goes directly to those in need). Lakewood Rotary is sending $1000.00 to the fund to help those in need. Thank you fellow Lakewood Rotarians!
This meeting was once again made possible by the tireless efforts of our set up and support group: Duncan Cook, Rob Erb and Troy Wilcox. Ward Fletcher jumped in to help sell raffle tickets while waiting for, are you ready for this ……(hear the drum roll)… LEON TITUS to show up and take over. Leon played the part of Sergeant-at-arms as well.
James Guerrero was at the Foundation desk. The man with the camera was Phil Eng and the mighty sword (aka the pen), was wielded (is that a word?) by Donn Irwin.
 Rob Erb introduced visiting Rotarians. He did take the liberty of introducing one of today’s speakers – Rick Guild. Rob also asked that any of our members that are willing to share a 3-5 minute story of their time in military service to please show up at the Military Affairs meeting 11:30AM before the regular Rotary meeting on 9\22. Rob also mentioned that the local Civil Air Patrol was on alert in case they needed to help with Hurricane Harvey.
Guests of Rotarians were as follows: Greg Rediske brought his beautiful wife, Sharon.
Add this to your list of things you don’t really need to know: In diner lingo, “Eve with a lid” is a piece of apple pie.
Sunshine: John Forkenbrock informed us that Denise Yochum is seriously ill.
Announcements: Chris Kimball wants us to recruit new members – especially young ones. He mentioned that over half of our membership is age 70+. He wasn’t referring to me so I don’t know what he was talking about…. He wants us to write ourselves a sticky note reminding us to be on the prowl for new members. I can’t remember where he said to place said sticky note. Greg R. announced that the annual golf outing would be 9\29. Pizza dinner to follow. President Don let us know that on 9\22 the District Governor will be here and that this will be a joint meeting with Clover Park. Let the Pres know if you have guests coming. President Don also let us know that Sally Bose of Palmer Scholars wrote us a thank you note for our support of them. He also mentioned that Clover Park Foundation and CP Culinary Program thanked us for our donation to them.
Phil Eng had a mixed review of the Courage event. Ridership was down and the route seems to be a bit unsafe for the riders. We only had 126 riders to serve and so there was extra food. Phil did let us know that the food was given away to places that needed it. The Friends of Rotary raised the largest dollar amount in support of the event - $36,000.00. Congratulations once again to Rotary! Phil and President Don thanked everyone for their contributions to the cause.              
Citations were many:
Leon Titus gave up a greenleaf for coming back. Chris Kimball did the same for taking his mini on the Roadster Romp next week. He also mentioned a free lunch seminar he is sponsoring here at the Country Club on the 14th. It will be about cyber security. Troy Wilcox won some money at a golf tournament so he gave some to us. Jan Gee gave a greenleaf for a new grandchild. Ed Shannon gave the same for being the Super Senior Club Champion at Oakbrook.
Eric Quinn coughed up a greenleaf for forgetting to pack his clothes for a photo shoot for his wedding, while Barlow Buescher donated a greenleaf for seeing the eclipse in Oregon. Mike Zaro gave $20.00 for being a proud parent. President Don paid up on his self-imposed $50.00 citation and finally, Greg Horn handed over a 5 dollar bill for confessing that he pulled a reverse Eric Quinn and forgot to pack his clothes when LEAVING the hotel. They had to ship his clothes to him. Yes folks, Greg confessed to this. Oh, and Sally Smith paid up for 3 days in Colorado.
In keeping with the biblical diner lingo theme, “Adam and Eve on a raft” means two poached eggs on toast.
The program was introduced by Sally Smith. Sally introduced Debby L. Graham. She is the Executive Director of Centerforce – for the past 24 years! Centerforce is located in Springbrook, and their mission is to help individuals with special needs in assessing their talents, determining what they want to do and are best suited for, and then to help them through the process of gaining employment and becoming a success. Rick Guild added that there are ways we can help. Centerforce is currently looking for board members. He also mentioned that next year they will be celebrating their 50th anniversary.
Above: Presenters Rick Guild (left) and Debby Graham (right), with Sally Smith
For more information on Centerforce you can go to
More amazing news about you folks – the Paul Harris desk took in another $537.00!!!
We had a couple of special drawings today – Barlow and Phil each won a Centerforce tote bag. Mark Edgecomb won the right to draw for the $412 pot. He drew a white chip and got $5.00.
More biblical diner lingo – “Noah’s boy on bread” = a ham sandwich (gotta think about that one for a minute).
Ole – did you read this? I hope not.