Posted by Donn Irwin on May 03, 2019
      Those gathered at the table this reporter was sitting at became a bit nervous as we observed that the Queen might not start the meeting on time. Queen Gayle has started our meetings at precisely 12:30 on every occasion I have written the Key. As the clock approached the start time, I and the other two members of the newsletter writing team that sat at the table with me noticed the Queen walking around mingling with her subjects – seemingly unaware of the time.  Her majesty then went to the podium, checking her notes. We noticed it was 12:29PM.
      The Queen then walked away from the podium and engaged someone in conversation. This had to be an important conversation as the time for starting the meeting was within seconds of happening. The tension at our table was palpable! I was a nervous wreck thinking, would I have to be the one that reported the news that our Queen had started the meeting late?! It was announced to me by a table partner that the time was now 12:30PM as Queen Gayle made her regal way back to the podium. She again checked something in her notes and then, with a practiced hand, picked up the gavel and rang the bell that brings us all to our knees…er, gets all of our attention so that the meeting can begin. It was still 12:30PM!!
Scott Buser gave the invocation and Jim Bisceglia led us in the pledge.                            
Queen Gayle graciously bestowed her thanks to those that make the meeting possible:
Set up – The Cook Gang – Duncan, Ward, Rob, Bob H. Terry and newbie to the team, Bob Cammarano.
Paul Harris Table – Eric Warn
Drawing Tickets and SAT – Mark Edgecomb
Greeter – Leanna Christian
Writer – Donn Irwin
Photographer – Walt Richardson
      There were no visiting Rotarians.
      Guests of Rotarians were announced. Clayton DeNault introduced Scotty Jackson of Camp Seymour. Andrew Kruse introduced Frank Jackson and Jan Gee (subbing for Greg and Mary Horn) introduced Gary Barton. Gary has been proposed for membership in the club and is going through the process.
      Kind Queen Gayle gave a Sunshine report on John Forkenbrock. He had back surgery and is up and about. Ted Wier had a blood infusion. Former member Bill Young’s cancer has returned. Gayle gave a big hello to Bob Peterson as he sat among us. Gayle also thanked everyone for their well wishes while she was ailing and she thanked PP Rose Stevens for stepping in last week for her.
District Conference May 9-11. There are 14 members\family members going to the conference.
There will be a substitute President next week and the Mike McGowan Educational Incentive Award will be presented.
May 16th is the next Board meeting. New members that haven’t attended one should be there. It’s held at the Country Club.
Waughop Lake Poetry walk happens on Sunday the 5th starting at 10:00AM. Go see the poetry signs the Club provided.
     Anne Enquist announced (with the aid of large chart) that the Lakewood Community Foundation Fund had reached their goal of $1,000,000.00. Congratulations! To quote Anne: “We did it.” According to Anne, 17 different people gave $1000.00 plus and those donations were matched by an anonymous donor.
     Clover Park Rotary Club is having a gaming fundraiser on May 31st at Carr’s Restaurant in Lakewood. I understand there is monetary risk involved but it is all for a good cause.
     Community Concerns Committee – gave a grant to the Tacoma Audubon Society (TAS) for the signs of birds at Ft. Steilacoom Park. Gayle mentioned that TAS put together an auction item for us.
     Kim Prentice introduced Lakewood Rotary’s Educator(s) of the Month for May: TJ French from Steilacoom High School and Lynn Eville from Tyee Park Elementary School.
TJ  French has been a Steilacoom High School staff member for two years. He came to them by way of Eatonville High School. TJ teaches Algebra 2 and AP Stats. From the moment he got on campus, students have been drawn to him. Believe it or not, Mr. French makes math FUN! 
Above: One of Two Lakewood Rotary Educators of the Month, TJ French (accompanied by Kim Prentice)
      TJ finds ways to connect with students and cultivate their love of math. He not only teaches math, but Mr. French also serves as the adviser to the school’s award-winning Math Club. Steilacoom High School, its culture, and its students are much better off with Mr. French in the building. 
      Lynn Eville teaches first grade at Tyee Park Elementary School. She cares about all the kids in the school, not just the students she teaches on a daily basis. Lynn is focused on helping each student succeed and individualizes what she teaches to meet the unique needs of students. Importantly, she keeps them working until they reach their goals. She is compassionate, has high expectations and is incredibly driven. These qualities have a positive impact on students, staff and families.
      Lynn is well respected among her peers and also serves as a mentor and leader to younger teachers. She is the embodiment of our school’s focus on integrity, which is also one of our district’s Four Pillars for Student Success. She models for students the importance of doing the right thing even when nobody is watching.
Steilacoom High School Principal Mike Miller accompanied TJ while Tyee Park Elementary School Principal, Sean Schoenfeldt accompanied Lynn.
      Congratulations to both of our Educators of the Month.
      Steve Enquist reminded us once again to get our nominees for Non-Rotarian of the Year to Mick by the end of next week. Steve also let us know that the Rotary Foundation tracks donations so, you will be getting a letter from RIF if you have given $25.00 or more.
      Clayton DeNault reintroduced Scotty Jackson and mentioned that he is a former member of a Rotary Club in California, Scotty then gave us a presentation on Camp Seymour and announced two new partnerships. For more details go to
      Chris Kimball updated us on Woodstick and lauded fellow members Mark Blanchard for providing posters, Rose Stevens for helping with registration and the Seldens for providing carpet to protect the floors.
Tiara time!
Kim Prentice paid a $20.00 fine to Gayle on the QT. Don’t know what for but I have it on good authority that the fine was actually paid. This adds to the mystery that is Kim P!
John Warner announced that his grandson graduated from the University of Redlands and that he actually handed his grandson his diploma.
Jim Bisceglia was called upon to explain his presence. Seems he’s been in Indio and that his wife bought a used car. It just happens to be a Mercedes Benz. He paid $100.00
Dave Betz (remember him?) made 4 trips to the ER and is having an operation Monday. Um…did he get fined for that?
      Sally Smith introduced our program this week. He is one of our own – Andrew Kruse with Youth For Christ (YFC).
      Andrew did a marvelous job of presenting a bunch of information in a short period of time. I appreciated the personal-experience anecdotes filled with humor that he placed into the presentation at just the right times.
      Andrew has been in Lakewood for a year and half and he loves it. Rotary is his favorite.
      He is the coordinator for YFC in the Lakewood\University Place area. His job is to resource kids to different agencies that already exist instead of reinventing the wheel.
Above: Presenter, Lakewood Rotary's own Andrew Kruse
      Andrew stated that he believes life happens around a basketball hoop. He learns things like what is bad about a place (too many barbers in one area and they all give bad haircuts). He explained that the kids are engaged digitally and that they don’t know one-on-one interaction. Smaller groups seem to react\interact better than larger ones.
They are mobile (bikes, skateboards and cars) and malleable– can change from one day to the next.
     What follows next is the text that Andrew worked from in making his presentation. He was kind enough to share it with me and has saved me a bunch of time in typing:
My as Area Coordinator in Lakewood/University Place:
- Strategic program growth for our after-school youth programs.
- Coordinate programs at our Tillicum and Narrows View Intermediate sites.
- Connecting with community partners to help resource youth and families.
- Advocate with youth in our programs about the issues they are facing.
With Rotary’s concern for youth through things like literacy initiatives, poverty alleviation efforts, and leadership training I was happy to be selected as today’s speaker. I truly believe that each of you is invested in how to make the lives of today’s youth better so that they will become the confident, purposeful, and character-developed leaders of our world in the future of our own city and country.
It’s with that in mind that I want to expose you to more of the current state of youth culture, their struggles, and methods that my organization, Youth For Christ uses in our community and in over 100 countries around the world for youth development, relief, and character formation.
Characteristics of Youth Today:
Mobile - constantly on the go
Moldable - teens are still developing the lens through which they see the world and forming their value systems
Materialistic - April 2019 article on CNBC reported teens spend an average of $2600 on food and clothes each year and 83% own an iPhone.
Three problems:
Mental Health - teens are more connected to the world, but lonelier, anxious, and more depressed than any generation before them. In 2017 there was a 14.46% rate of suicide among American teenagers as reported by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (Washington ranked 26/50 for suicides in the US)
Family breakdown - parents who both work and cannot be as available to their children, single parent homes, emotional and/or physical absence of one or more parents. Many of the students we work with have a high set of responsibilities for their home lives, acting as a second parent or completing a lot of the household tasks. These factors can highly contribute to such things as dropping out of school, becoming pregnant, and engaging in substance abuse.
Developing autonomy without support network - It is developmentally appropriate for teenagers to want to become independent in many ways to the adults around them, but many develop that independence alone without any guidance from influential adults in their lives.
The solution:
Relationship with a caring adult in their lives
Fuller Youth Institute’s study says that a teenager that has 5 adults who regularly interact with them by showing an interest in their activities, struggles, and accomplishments throughout their month is less likely to engage in high risk activities (these people could be grandparents, coaches, teachers, youth leaders, etc.)
Tacoma Youth For Christ:
Over 70 years old - founded by Torrey Johnson and Billy Graham in 1944. International Christian ministry in over 100 countries devoted to holistic youth development from a Christian perspective.
YFC has over 200 chapters in the United States
Our programs are a vehicle for caring adults to build relationships with 11-19 year olds to engage them where they are at, care for them for who they are and not what they do, and engage them in purposeful conversations about faith and their individual life purpose, in the following areas:
City Life is a relational, whole person ministry that desires to see deep change in an urban neighborhood through transforming the lives of youth. Working together with like-minded partners, Christian adults connect with urban youth and work to introduce them in a natural way to the person of Jesus Christ. Then they disciple them into the next generation of leaders for their neighborhood.
Parent Life ministry empowers pregnant and parenting teens to make good choices, complete their education, and move toward independent living. By supporting, encouraging, and equipping these young parents with the life and parenting skills they need, they can become successful and responsible adults.
Juvenile Justice Ministries reach young people in a variety of youth-serving institutions such as detention centers and probation programs. Mentoring relationships are built and sustained through ongoing involvement as they re-enter their communities. JJM staff and volunteers are committed to connections that last long after the teens have left the facility.
Campus Life ministry combines healthy relationships with creative programs to help young people make good choices, establish a solid foundation for life, and positively impact their schools. Like every ministry of YFC, Campus Life seeks to engage these young people wherever they are found as lifelong followers of Jesus Christ.
The Future:
Have a better partnership and presence in Clover Park Middle and High School to provide non-academic supports and after-school activities for youth 11-19.
More Leaders, More Impact - vision campaign to raise an additional $1.3 million to grow and sustain up to 32 sites throughout Pierce County to reach 11-19 year olds.
Opportunities for you to engage:
Volunteer (with students, on a meal team, share about your career with students, at seasonal events, time to help with building repair/maintenance)
Visit Tillicum City Life Center
June 1st YFC Camp Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser
Thank you to Andrew for the great program!
The Foundation collected $429.00.
The raffle drawing was for $836.00 and there were 8 chips left – 7 white and one red.
Rick Selden held the winning raffle ticket and was rewarded with $5.00 after he pulled out a white chip.
Don’t forget, we have a substitute president next week so let’s show up en masse and provide maximum harassment….er, support for Queen Gayle’s latest victim.
And ah yes: Make sure to tell Greg Rediske that you read this bulletin so you can get a make-up for a missed meeting. Also, if you shop online, please do so at Amazon Smile so that a portion of your purchase can be allocated to Lakewood Rotary.