Posted by Gayle Selden on Nov 15, 2019
The November 15th meeting of the Rotary Club of Lakewood was called to order on time by President Bill Potter. His walk-up music was an 80s sounding keyboard song. He later credited DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince (who is now known as actor Will Smith). I actually think Bill might have been playing one of the background songs that you could play piano over on a Casio keyboard.  Either way it wasn’t as inspiring as some other music!
Bob Peterson was the pinch hitter of the invocation/thought for the day and Chuck Hellar lead the pledge. A little interesting tidbit on Bob Peterson: he always has some inspirational words in his wallet so he is always prepared to be called on in a moment’s notice.
President Potter, PP, thanked Steve Enquist for collecting $510 at the Paul Harris desk, Stephanie Wilcox and Sharon Selden who handed out invitations to the Holiday Mix and Jingle, and Jan Gee was selling those hot raffle tickets. He also thanked Andrew Kruse for greeting us upstairs and getting us headed downstairs for lunch. Guests for the day included Michael Cruz from Columbia Bank, brought by Andrew Kruse and Betsey, Duncan and Joan Cook’s daughter, who is visiting from Southern California. No new Sunshine to Report!
Sharon Selden let us know a little more about the Mingle and Jingle for Lakewood Rotary. Friday, December 13th - bring your guests to enjoy a fun night of laughter, friendship and Musical Bingo at the Tacoma Country and Golf Club. The evening begins at 5:30 with a no-host cocktail bar and photo booth pictures, and at 6:30 dinner will be served—your choice of Prime Rib or King Salmon. $70 per person. RSVP and dinner choice must be in by December 6th.
Rob Erb came to the mike to propose a donation of $2000 to Wreaths Across America. It was moved, seconded and passed. They will need volunteers to lay those wreaths on December 14th (not the 16th as announced). Jim Rooks asked for the membership to approve a Community Concerns allocation of $2000 to Clare’s Closet. Again, it was moved, seconded and passed. David Swindale announced that the Break Bag Assembly will be on December 14th at EFN starting at noon. We’ll meet at Old Country Buffet for a little breakfast beforehand. There are 50 available spots for the break bag packing, and sign-ups start next week.
Past President Don Daniels announced that last week 9 Lakewood Rotarians were part of a bike build at Waste Connections. They assembled 500 bikes in two hours. I don’t think our nine did all 500 though! Lakewood Rotary has 35 bikes to deliver into the community. Guess what day? December 14th! So that is Wreaths Across America, Break Bag Assembly and Bike Delivery all on December 14th. All hands on deck for this fun Lakewood Rotary Day! Bring your spouse, your kids and your friends to join in the fun.
Not announced at the meeting (because confusion is real) is that on December 16th, we will also be looking for volunteers to deliver break bags to the schools. We have 23 cars signed up to deliver Break bags before Thanksgiving on November 26th. Gayle will get out information to those who signed up for those deliveries this coming week. And after we complete that we’ll take volunteers for the next one.
Immediate Past President Nominee Bill Potter recognized President Elect Mark Edgecomb as his completion of Pre-Pets recently. Mark declined the invitation to take over the podium and instead talked about Corporate Sponsorship with the 50th Sportsman’s Dinner and Auction. He thanked Tool Pak and Mark Blanchard. And Bob and Barb for their connections! Let Mark Edgecomb know if you have a corporate sponsor to help support Lakewood Rotary’s efforts in the community,
Next Thursday is Lakewood Rotary’s Board Meeting. It will be held at the back room at Carr's starting at 5:30.
Steve Enquist presented some Paul Harris awards in our Foundation month. Steve first gave an update on the collections since July at the desk $11,276. We have sent $5,339 to the Foundation and $10,080 to Polio Plus. 16 members signed up for the Polio Plus Society. There are currently 94 Paul Harris Fellows in the club and the club has donated $1,187,691 to the foundation. Steve then presented Larry Clark with his first Paul Harris signified with a pin, medallion and certificate. Barb Spriggs and Bob Peterson both received their third Paul Harris, their pins had two sapphires. Rob Erb got his fourth Paul Harris and three sapphires in his pin. Lowell Johnson got his fifth with four sapphires. And Past President Rose Stevens received her ninth Paul Harris signified by a pen with three rubies. The ninth Paul Harris is the last donation recognized with a pen. After that the donors become major donors (that is $10,000 to the Foundation). We are lucky to have many major donors in our club including Mary and Greg Horn, Sam Hunter, Mick Johnson, Bob Lordahl, Gordon Quick, Bob Zawilski, Ward Fletcher, Gary Fulton, Bob Hammar and Charlie Hyde. Nice way to celebrate Foundation month.
The November Student of the Month was Tillman Zinn. Lakes High School senior Tillman Zinn is a distinguished student, teammate and servant leader with a caring heart. When Zinn attended Lancer Academy before school started his freshman year, he proactively asked Assistant Principal Lindh if he and a few other students could get some garbage bags to pick up water bottles and wrappers that other students had left behind on the play field. He greets students and staff warmly as he navigates the halls throughout his day and everyone reciprocates his warm greeting.  And, it is not uncommon for him to talk to or sit with students who are sitting alone in the cafeteria. In addition to his servant leadership, Zinn is a distinguished student.  He qualified for National Honor Society at the end of his sophomore year. Over his 4 years at Lakes, Tillman has maintained a 3.471 cumulative GPA, while being a two-season athlete in Cross Country and Track and Field.
 Last year, Tillman was a district finalist and ran in the ambulatory division event in the state meet for Track and Field. He has participated in cross country for four years and was voted a leadership team member by his teammates this year. He was the district champion in his event this year, earning him a qualifying position at state. His determination over these four years was instrumental in the creation of a new race in the state tournament: the ambulatory race. Coaches from across the state advocated for Tillman and students like him to have representation and an opportunity to show case their grit, determination and ability in this new race. Tillman ran in the inaugural state race and earned a bronze metal. Tillman thanks the club, his parents and his educators for supporting him throughout high school. It was a special moment for Lakewood Rotary to recognize Tillman.
President Potter then turned up the heat and opened the bank. He recognized Rob Erb for his visit to Wichita Falls, Texas. Rob paid $20. John Lowney returned from a trip to Antigua (pronounced Antiga). He was at all-inclusive resort with his wife Pam and ran into the Rediske’s there. (Well, maybe they planned to run into each other.) They brought President Potter some Rum and pledged some money. John was also recognized for having returned from his trip, having back surgery on Tuesday and still making the Friday meeting.
Donna Phillips paid for adventures in London with the Worster Warriors rugby team. She mentioned a dementia café that was quite interesting. She also brought a giant penny for Bill and gave some money to Jan Gee.
Jim Bisceglia introduced our speaker Mariya Frost, Director of the Coles Center for Transportation at the Washington Policy Center. Mariya was born in Russia and came to Washington State with her family in the 90s. She graduated from the University of Washington and has worked both in the private sector and in the U.S. House of Representatives and the Washington State Senate. Mariya is an advocate for freedom of mobility for all Washingtonians. She talked about the Washington Policy Center’s thoughts on transportation. A couple takeaways—the plans and goals of the Department of Transportation in Washington State have changed, the supply of lane capacity has not kept up with demand, and spending of the DOT may not be in line with market demands. Traffic Relief has not been a high priority to the DOT. They instead have been on reducing vehicle miles (getting people to drive less). Efforts of the DOT have reduced vehicle miles by 845 million, but that is actually only 1.4%. Meaning the Washington Policy center believes that the work done by DOT isn’t actually helping with congestion, time of travel or demand of the public. Mariya also taught us about a pilot program for charging taxes per mile rather than by gallon at the pump. She was part of the pilot study and had a GPS tracker put in her car to track her miles. She also got graded on her driving based on the results. Mariya also believes that the Transportation agenda is a little build it and they will come philosophy with the public cost overweighing the public benefit. You can find out more from Mariya and get a six month membership to the Washington Policy Center by emailing her or calling 360-705-6543.
There was over $900 in the pot. Astrid Arola entrusted Rick Selden with her 18 tickets as she had to leave early. Just last month, Rick was drawing for red with one of Astrid’s tickets and her trust in Rick paid off again as she had a winning ticket! However, Rick drew white for her. The pot thickens next week!
The bulletin was written by Gayle Selden who was having difficulty hearing during the meeting. She turned to Photographer, Bob Zawilski and Rick Selden for clarification. For some reason she chose the two guys with hearing problems to help out with information. She could’ve turned to John Lowney but he was fresh off surgery pain meds. So sorry folks sometimes volunteers are just volunteers.