Posted by Donn Irwin on Jan 11, 2019
      Our trip to the doctor to get vaccinated began right on time with President Gayle shoving off right at 12:30. Bob Peterson was called upon to lead us in an invocation which he handled nicely. Past- President Dave Coleman led us in the pledge.
      Duncan, Ward, Bob H and newly recruited Terry Roarke did the heavy lifting. Rob Erb is on injured reserve for a bit.
      Kendra Riconosciuto took our money at the Paul Harris table - $411.00 worth of money - while the honorable Chuck Hellar collected raffle ticket sales money and was the Sergeant at Arms.
      Bob Z. took the photographs and Donn Irwin acted as beat reporter for the bulletin.
      President Gayle called for the reading of visiting Rotarians – there were none. Next up – guests of Rotarians. My brother from another, he of the now infamous “Irwin” at fine time, Ron Irwin, introduced Ed Zinker and nephew Earl.
      Sunshine reported that Vaughn “shorty” Hoffman is up and about walking with a cane. Rob Erb is on IR because of knee replacement surgery.
      Announcements: President Gayle subtly pointed out to the red badgers that there is a Board meeting Thursday next  (at Tacoma Golf and Country Club at 5:30 PM) and that they are required to attend one in order to reach the pinnacle of getting a blue badge.
      Next, the President told us that we all have to be in attendance at the Lakewood City Council Chambers when our Lakewood Rotary Club will be awarded the very first Larry Saunders award given by the City of Lakewood. (I still miss Larry).
      Don Daniels popped out of his chair to announce that next week there will be a concrete pour at the new Pavillion in the Park in preparation for the laying of bricks a week later.
      Charlene Miseli plugged the upcoming Friends of Scouting Breakfast. This year’s speaker will be Joe Theismann. The date is March 7th.  Tables of eight are available. (Gotta love Joe, he spells his last name with 2 n’s).
      A law added to California’s Penal Code in 1953 makes it a felony for anyone to possess a blow gun. Possessing a gun though is only a misdemeanor.
 Wyoming 1980 – the practice of photographing rabbits from January through April without permission is now banned.
      President Gayle then announced that there was a Sportsman’s Dinner Committee meeting right after our regular meeting. NOTE: This year the Sportsman’s Dinner is on April 13th.
      Echo Curry announced the Educator of the month – Madison Jacobs – of Evergreen Elementary School. Madison supports students and classrooms by providing social-emotional lessons. She is the lead organizer for the school’s social-emotional curriculum. She is a problem solver; she’s positive, confident and is a trusted member of staff and the school community. Madison announced that she is three years into her tenure at Evergreen and wants to continue. She thanked the club for the award. President Gayle gave her a little something for just her and thanked her for her work.
Above: Educator of the Month, Madison Jacobs (left)
      Next up there were a couple of general announcements from the floor. Donna Phillips told us about the upcoming Kiwanis Wine Auction on January 25th. And Nicole Hancock let us know that she needs help in locating a space to store auction items. (I was thinking Rick Selden’s garage…..)
      A Great Britain law makes it illegal to drive under bridges that are too low for them to drive under.
      California again – In Chino they have a ban on nuclear weapons. There is a $500.00 fine for anyone setting off a nuclear bomb within the city limits.
      The bedazzling winter tiara was donned and President Gayle fired away. Evidently the Pres had a kind of rough day as she decided to “pick on people” since she had so much time. All in good fun and for a good cause of course.
      Jim Sharp was at the tip of the spear and got nailed first. Overwhelmed with guilt for poor Rotary participation he tossed $40.00 into Gayle’s coffers. Lakewood Mayor Don Anderson tossed in a $20.00 for the imminent arrival of grandchild #5. The Honorable Mayor made some excuse for not matching Mr. Sharp’s $40.00 by admitting that he did a makeup meeting at #8 and that cost him the other $20.00. (Dear Mr. Mayor, perhaps you didn’t have to expound on the makeup meeting thing…)
      Larry Clark gave $20.00 for apparently nothing. Must have been a carbon tax. Bill Potter paid $20.00 for the privilege of being schooled by President Gayle on the proper use of microphones. Johnny Walker was given a beautiful gift from John Warner in payment for a Rose Bowl wager. Johnny gave it back because the Buckeyes didn’t cover the spread. He gave a Greenleaf. Chris Kimball paid a fine for announcing that he has regained the rights to Woodstick and is looking for 20,000 square feet of space to hold the event in AND he is soon to be a “Doctor” – of Divinity I believe. Greg Horn went to the training for District Governors- called Blue Denim- and paid a fine for having a great time. Bob Lordahl was thanked by President Gayle for her beautiful smile. He put braces on her teeth when she was in the 6th grade. He said he’d pay a fine but didn’t say how much.
      Peter Marsh introduced our speaker, Linda Hensley. Ms Hensley is a travel nurse and she invented travel medicine in the State of Washington.
Linda’s talk was entitled “Be In The Know Before You Go."
      She got right to it. For safe travel consult with a travel medicine clinic before you go. They will ask the right questions to get you assessed so that you can get the correct medications and vaccines.
She cautioned everyone to take your medications along with you in your travel bag. Luggage gets lost, mis-directed and there are sometimes delays while traveling (surprise!) so it is important to keep the meds with you. You never know what will happen.
Above: Presenter, Linda Hensley, Travel Nurse
NOTE: Don’t go to Zambia with Benadryl. It is illegal there.
Ms. Hensley gave any number of helpful pieces of advice such as:
Know where to get medical help. Have a backup plan. When should you get medical attention? A bug bite, a scratch from an animal, a car accident (even if you don’t think you are hurt). If you have a fever over 102 and a bunch more.
      Nurse Hensley covered a lot of diseases that are out there that we don’t worry about too much here and then took questions. Here is a sampling of what was gleaned from the questions. TB is still an issue in some countries. The Hong Kong airport has some health screening that probably is looking for SARS. Developed countries are less of a concern than under-developed countries. Every developing country has Hepatitis A problems – even Mexico.
      The presentation was very educational and eye-opening. I heard several comments about travel after the meeting. The one that stuck in my mind was something about not even wanting to travel to Puyallup after hearing all of that.
      Linda had copies of her talk typed up and available for us to pick up after the meeting.
      President Gayle called on our speaker to draw the raffle ticket. Bob Z was the winner of $5.00 and so the money pot grows.
      Next week’s meeting will feature Jim Syler, a Lakewood Police Department Officer who will talk about the Slovakia Canine Exchange.
      Federal flight regulations in Canada are very clear on a certain issue: No one, by law, can enter a Canadian aircraft while it is in flight.
      No, President Gayle, Ole Magnuson did not ghost write this – he’s much better at this than I am.
      By the way, if you read this bulletin, tell Greg Rediske so you can get a make-up. Furthermore, if you do any online shopping, do so at Amazon Smile so that a portion of your purchase may be allocated to Lakewood Rotary.