The October 28th Rotary meeting got to a ghoulish start as Rose rang the bell to start the meeting.
Chris Kimball gave the invocation, and we were led in the Pledge of Allegiance. 
Our Rotary Moment involved Rotary’s action to eradicate Polio. Monday was world Polio Day. This year there are 27 cases of Polio in the world. 3 Countries are still at risk of outbreak. This is an enormous task that is THIS CLOSE to eliminating this disease from the world, and a prime example of Rotary making a difference.
Rose then thanked the set-up GHOSTS Rob Erb, Bob Hammar and Duncan Cook; Lead Goblin, Troy Wilcox, for AV work; Pumpkin, Jim Rooks, who stuffed $892 into the Foundation; Wicked Warlock, Mark Edgecomb for collecting Money for the drawing, and the lovely Gayle Selden for handling the bull, and Bob Zawilski for making us all look less scary with the pictures!
Our visiting Rotarian is Sarah Bryant from Bainbridge Island. Sarah is the District Youth Exchange Country Officer that oversees Asia and Africa. She was here to visit Jin Park, our exchange student from Korea. She had met Jin and his family while in Korea for the International convention.
Guests included our exchange student, Jin Park; Barlow Buescher brought a lovely lady; Jim Rooks brought Dick Muri and Sally Porter Smith brought a friend named Gail.
John Forkenbrock had no sunshine.
Gayle Selden made a few announcements: A Hello sent from Italy from previous student, Cristina Coero Borga; a Sportsman’s Dinner Committee Meeting announcement (want to join the committee email; a call for those missing badges that may have been put in Clover Park’s badge box at our joint meeting. Gayle is going on a recon mission on Wednesday to collect hers and any other’s left behind.
November 11th is our Veteran’s Day meeting. Feel free to wear your uniform to the meeting. (Gary Fulton—this means you!)
Chris Kimball made an announcement that we like having new members, and he is willing to reach out and invite anyone to a meeting that would be a good future Lakewood Rotarian. Rotary International just made a ruling that attendance is no longer a mandatory requirement (for real?).
Mike McGowan announced the Paul Harris Foundation. The Foundation was started in 1917. Lakewood Rotary got its start in the Foundation in 1971, with the Russ Klauser immediate Paul Harris Member luncheon. Our club has now reached the million-dollar mark and there will be an event and Gala Dinner to celebrate in May.
Mike then presented Bud Montgomery his 5th Paul Harris.
Don Daniels made an announcement that the International Service committee had received recognition for ongoing support of the shelterbox project.
Rose had a lot of time for fines. And she spent too much time on a Pumpkin picture of Rick Selden, Ted Weir and John Lowney.
Terry Roarke offered up $20 for a trip to Honolulu and his phone ringing during the meeting. He also announced the Rotary Store is having an early Christmas sale. John Korsmo ended up too close to Rose at the meeting and got razed about some building. Clint Johnson paid for another Granddaughter in Minnesota and his move to working (not staying) at Western State. Rob Erb offered up $40 for the four cities he recently visited—the three he mentioned included New York, Boston and Philadelphia. Bill Price paid $100 for a new camp trailer, a trip to Maui and a 55th Anniversary. Bob Zawilski, after posing for a picture, had a $100 check for Rose to fill out who it’s for in honor of a three-week trip to visit his Mom in Rose’s old stomping grounds. Rose picked the Lakewood Community Foundation to fill out the check to and accepted some Brooks BBQ sauce as a gift. Dave Coleman confessed to a week at Lake Coeur D’Alene, but asked for change from his $20 since many people are paying $20 for bigger trips.
Rick Selden called attention to the Ivan Statue unveiling that occurred the day before. Rick suggested that all members put $1 on the table in memory of Ivan. Ron Irwin ponied up $100. You can check out the statue outside the Point Defiance Zoo.
For our program, John Caulfield introduced Dave Buhler, our assistant City Manager. Dave joined the city in 1996 and is the second tenured employee of the City. Dave came to the meeting to speak about the topic of Housing in Lakewood.
Above: Presenter, Dave Buhler
Dave’s overview of housing in Lakewood started with the role of housing in a community. These things include family stability, neighborhood quality, revitalization, economic stability and wealth. Lakewood has 46.7% owner-occupied properties, which is lower than all other surrounding cities. Lakewood also has a lot of older homes in comparison to nearby cities. There are 1500 mobile homes in Lakewood (the City of Tacoma has 300). Of the Apartments located in Lakewood, only 2% are vacant (this is MUCH lower than surrounding communities). Lakewood looks more like a King County city than a Pierce County one.
The City is working on programs to encourage more middle-market housing. They are working on a Rental Housing safety program. The Community Resource Team is working on following zoning ordinances. The City is promoting short plats up to 9 lots and revising zoning regulations.
The city has been proud of the Habitat for Humanity partnership in Tillicum, and the 20 building abatements they have completed since 2015, along with plans for cottage housing.
We had lots of questions related to this very interesting topic.
Rose called the meeting to a close and then pulled Don Daniels’s ticket for the raffle. Don won $5, leaving the raffle pot heavier for next week.