We more or less worked our way to smooth sailing, beginning at 12:29.  President Chris indicated that we had a full agenda and he wanted to eke out an early start.  It seemed that he gave back the early start by explaining the attempted early start.  That’s okay; we disregarded some commercials.
Our team today included:
Set up:  Duncan Cook
Paul Harris Desk:  Ward Fletcher [who took in $1,220]
Drawing table:  Tom Crabill
Bulletin writer:  Ron Adkins
Photographer:  Troy Wilcox
Visiting Rotarians and Guests:
            Bert Stibbe , Sumner
            Guests:  Mary Horn, Chris Easter, Andy Phillips, Joan Cook, and David and Don Kimball
Sunshine:  Bob Gee is at home now
Member self-introduction:  Bill Allen came to Lakewood from California due to his father’s declining health, but he stayed because his wife insisted he not leave his mom.  He’s been with his wife for 25 years, and they have two sons, one 24 and living in California and the other 15 and playing football for Curtis HS.  He is in the car business, selling for Gene Pankey.  He loves motorcycles and devotes much of his time to bike restoration.
Pre-announcement Reminder
Ruminate on this:   Have you considered possible prospective Rotarians?  Will you this week?
Attention was directed to a reprint of a newspaper item about Charles Andrew Peterson (CAP) who was born on August 15, 1942, likely to be the 72nd anniversary of his birth when you read this.  He played major league baseball in 1967 through 1969.  He returned to Lakewood, joined the family construction business and was active in a number of endeavors including Lakewood Rotary.  In a major fund-raising event the Club raised well north of $200,000 for the Cap Peterson Renal Dialysis Center.
We need a chair for the Publicity Committee.
Heads up:  The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will match $2 for $1 for Polio Plus.  Reach for your checkbook.  Remember, your donations here count toward your Paul Harris Award, but the money goes directly to Polio Plus and does not come back to the District for grant funding here.
We’ve received a “thank you” note from the Rotary Foundation in recognition of our raising $2,600 in a single meeting.
Rick Selden came before the Club on behalf of the Community Concerns Committee to declare that the Committee had decided to give $2,000 to help fund a special program in the Clover Park School District.  There was a motion to approve this award which was seconded and passed.
Bill Allen was dinged for $25 due to his tardiness in making his personal presentation.  For being tardy?  Well, the tardiness was about a month and a half. By the new RI President, Charles Heberle was named head of a new organization spanning US/Russia something-or-other.  No disrespect intended. The activity was garbled at the outset, then Charles tried to clarify by rattling off the title which seemed to have been drafted by a government committee.  I would propose we launch an investigation, but Past Pres Greg Horn just may have tipped his hand in this regard by bandying about suggestions of bigamy.Jim Sharp called attention to the fact that voters approved the Fire Dept levy requested, and he ponied up $100 (or $25 for each of the four years the levy will run). Greg Rediske offered up some dough for recognition of “whose head” in a recent bulletin. Speaking of which, see below. PDG/PP Gordon Quick parted with $25 in recognition of the service to the Club of Duncan Cook and, I believe, Ward Fletcher. Bob Peterson graciously presented the Club with a $54 check in recognition of his marriage to Robin. Chuck Hellar, while moving through the chairs and tables like a pass receiver trying to get clear, declared he’d been on vacation. Bob Hammar sold his home in Tahiti, thus realizing a hope he has entertained for some time.  He worked his way to the front, to stuff his donation into the drum.  This sale will not have any impact on the winner of the auction bidding a few months ago. Troy Wilcox dropped a Greenleaf in recognition of some time spent in Chelan.
Rat on a Rotarian
Past Pres Greg Fulton provided information that Past Pres Sam Hunter scored a hole-in-one.  Pres Kimball might pencil this in on his clip board.
Our program today was a family affair featuring Dad, and one Daughter, who gave a delightful show-and- tell we’ll call the Family Kvamme trek, over the Real Camino Santiago (or the Way of St. James).  The trek covered about six weeks.  It began in SW France and crossed the Pyrenees, then the flatland segment, and ending up in territory that looked very much like the Pacific NW, that is, green and lush (and, yes, occasionally rainy).   The microphone was passed among various family members, but the routine seemed to be “walk and eat, then walk and eat, followed by walking and eating.”  Each segment was about three-to-five miles.  One son, who was not present today since he was in St. Louis for his first day in med school, often spent the early evening running the next day’s course.  Food and housing were provided by church members along the Real, for modest fees.  The pictures suggested the accommodations were pretty basic, but, hey, in the evenings there were always Italians and wine and song.  Actually, many nationalities were evident, but I suspect the Italians got the thumbs up.
So, this program had its share of repetitiveness with the “walk, eat, walk” and stay in a cathedra, but it was nothing like what Pres. Kimball offered at the topside.  That ran something like this:
            Shake  shake  shake, shake shake shake
            Shake your booty, shake your booty
            Shake shake shake, shake shake shake
            Shake your booty, shake your booty
Thank you, KC and the Sunshine Band, for those encouraging words.  I’ll take the Kvamme family presentation any time.
If you woud like to know more, see the family blog, Kvamino2014, and/or see the movie “The Way” with Martin Sheen.
Greg Horn found the red chip.  The rest of us will start over next week. Of course, we must ask: Whose Rotarian head is this, anyways? Guess correctly, and win two American dollars.