Posted by Greg Rediske on Jul 26, 2019
      Banker Bill is now the fifth Lakewood Rotary president (out of 64 total) whose occupation was “banker”, but only the second in the last 43 years. And yet we’ve had 4 financial advisors in just the last 13 years. But that is not nearly as interesting as what happened to Mr. Potter at his first banking job: On his second day of work, an elderly woman asked him to check her balance, so he pushed her over. Bill’s sense of humor hasn’t changed, but his job did after that second day. Job #2 went better, but for Job #3, he wrote on his resume for a position outside banking, “Worked as a pianist in a brothel for three years.” His interviewer asked about this unusual position, and Bill said, “Well, actually, I was a banker, but I don’t like to admit that.”
      But he persevered and prospered as a commercial banking specialist, answering questions like “How do I start a small business?” with the answer, “Start with a large one, and wait six months.”
And then came Banker Bill, walking to the podium blaring some unknown music generated by a cell phone. Maybe if I was as young as Bill, I’d know the music. He arrived with music, but not with his agenda, so there was a slight delay…..and then Chris Kimball invocated us, while Larry Clark led all in the Pledge. Helpers: Mary Marlin at the Paul Harris table;  Jan Gee & Bob Hammar selling tickets; Mark Edgecomb as Sgt at Arms; Duncan Cook and Ward Fletcher did setup and Troy Wilcox rode in at the last second on his silver steed to save the day and get the program electronics all set up. Bob Zawilski, aka Bob Zawalski presented the museum-grade photos for this brilliant publication, which is marred only by the prose herein.
Above: Our Friend, Mary Dodsworth
      Visiting Rotarians: Randy Black, CP; Michelle Johnson, #8 (and former Lakewood Rotarian); Nicole Stevens, Silverdale (and potential new Lakewood Rotarian, we hope!). John Lowney brought guest Mary Dodsworth, and Sally Porter Smith introduced the President of Pierce College, Dr. Julie White.
I’m worried about the state of my bank. I tried five different ATMs today and they’ve all told me they have “Insufficient Funds”.
      MSC: Rose Stevens asked for confirmation on a $2000 global grant from World Community Service for Project Rachel in Gambia. As alluded to above, it was MSC (moved, seconded, carried). Banker Bill then read a lovely thank-you note addressed to John Warner (and Next Step helper Mo Sarram) who guided the thankful student who finished her first year at UW, has an internship this summer, with study coming in Tahiti. Another Next Step success story.
      Mary Dodsworth of the City of Lakewood announced the completion of Lakewood’s ownership of Ft. Steilacoom Park. She then promoted “Barn Bingo”, a Partners For Parks fundraiser/fun time coming on Friday, September 6. The project will raise funds for the restoration for new use of one of the old livestock barns at Ft. Steilacoom. Lowney and Dave have tickets. She also noted that more than 50,000 folks swamped Ft. Steilacoom for the recent Summerfest. Our new pavilion was busy the whole time.
Chris Kimball: If Rotary is great and you love it, it follows that you would want to ask your friends and relatives to join up and have fun, too!
Just got a notice from my bank, and they love me! They told me my credit card balance is outstanding!
Gayle Selden and Phil Eng have the Fellowship duties this year, and #1 will be the famed Floating Board Meeting. There is a meeting, but not of the Board, and some people don’t float there but arrive by car. Other than that, it is aptly named. Picnic at Holly Hedge at 4 pm on August 8 for steak and refreshments. $20 each. 50 came last year for “fun, food, and laughter”.
Event #2: Some Saturday in October, a bunch of folks raised their hands to participate in a CPR and First Aid certification to be held by West Pierce Fire. “Be better citizens,” said the newly inducted Banker Bill, and this fits that directive. When Gayle’s grandfather, Ed Selden of Ed Selden Floor Covering and Packwood Retreat fame fell out of his chair at a Lakewood Rotary meeting in the 1990s from a heart attack, his veterinarian, his dentist, and his doctor all brought him back to life. The more people able to do that, the better. More to follow.
      Other Announcements:
Mandatory Fun Night: Rainiers Game, Thursday, August 15. See Bill Potter ($18/each)
BeerStock, August 17 in Ski Lake Park in Orting (Horn’s place). Over 200 beers served. $35 entry, with $30 going to your PolioPlus account, with 2 to 1 matching from the Bill Gates Foundation. Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the better-known stock, Wood.
Courage Ride: 8/24 at 9 am. 16 helpers so far for the rest stop.
      Partners in Lakewood Rotary: They earned over $16K at the recent auction, and gave it all away already in amounts ranging from $500 to $3000: YMCA playground, Coffee Oasis, Tacoma Musical Playhouse, Family Renewal Shelter, Caring for Kids, Lakewood Police mental health program, Greater Lakes Mental Health, St. Leo’s food bank, Wreathes Across America, LASA, Tacoma Literacy Council, Habitat for Humanities, Lakewood Playhouse, Fischer House, Nourish, EFN, Technical College, Pierce College. Wow!
Bill calls these “deposits”. It makes me wary of using his banking skills, given that I don’t think these so-called “deposits” are gaining interest. Or returning to the depositors. This from the guy who sat down next to Sue for the very first time decades ago and said, “Hey, babe, I’m not actually THAT tall; I’m just sitting on my wallet.” It is a testament to Sue’s sense of humor and tenacity that they have been married for 25 years. But I digress. Where were we? Oh, yes, deposits, aka fines:
Gary Barton’s Troop 71 is going to summer camp at Hood Canal, and then doing a 5-day kayak trip August 16-20. $20
Tom Sadler: Received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the WSCPA, for an “exemplary career of leadership in the accounting profession and the community”. This follows his being named one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting by Accounting Today magazine. Two Greenleafs! $40. (Which begs the question: is it two Greenleafs, or two Greenleaves?)
Gordy Quick: The traditional first zucchini of the season from the Quick Garden was delivered with honors to President Bill. Gordon indicated that it was a female zucchini, discerned by looking under the leaves it came from.
The Program:
Greg Rediske introduced Randy Black, General Manager of the Lakewood Water District (LWD), which has been celebrating its 75th year of operation. Randy has been with them for 34 years, the last 24 as general manager. Things have changed in 75 years, 1943 to 2019:
Connections:   369 to 16,860
Miles of pipe: 41 to 256
Tanks:       3 to 13
Storage: 600,000 gallons to 27 million gallons
Wells:     4 to 32
Average monthly billing: $1.29 to $26.53
Above: Presenter, Randy Black
      This year, the LWD has scheduled $30 million in capital projects, the most ever. These include new equipment at the Ponders well, $17 M for the additional wholesale transmission lines, a new tank at Nyanza, a new well, R&R program install at Arrowhead, new mains in Ft. Steilacoom Park, and a new billing system. Other possibilities in the future are the water system at Western State Hospital, and the water system at JBLM.
       Randy spent considerable time on the problem of PFOS/PFAS, an array of 4000+ chemical compounds now appearing in local (and national) water systems. The problem originated at JBLM, where their firefighting chemicals infiltrated their water system, resulting in the closure of 5 wells and the installation of Granular Activated Carbon systems (GAC). Some of LWD’s water sources are downstream, and as a result two wells are temporarily closed, pending installation of a GAC system or other treatment. Current state advisory levels for PFOS/PFAS are 70 parts per trillion, though no clear science supports or contradicts that rating. The State promises a new standard to be determined and implemented by 2020. The $3M GAC facility at Ponders done by the LWD will hopefully be paid for by the Federal Government, but is currently a LWD responsibility.
      The LWD is governed by three elected commissioners, all three of whom are currently members of Lakewood Rotary: John Korsmo, Greg Rediske, and Gary Barton. This writer has a fair amount of bias inherent in his opinion, but I nonetheless think we are very fortunate to have such a wonderful water system serving our community.
The Drawing:  Ward Fletcher had #5160, which gave him the chance to draw red, or one of 20 white. Red would have been $350. White, as it turned out, prevailed. $5.00
Einstein dies and goes to heaven only to be informed that his room is not yet ready. “I hope you will not mind waiting in a dormitory. We are very sorry, but it’s the best we can do and you will have to share the room with others” he is told by the doorman.
Einstein says that this is no problem at all and that there is no need to make such a great fuss. So the doorman leads him to the dorm. They enter and Albert is introduced to all of the present inhabitants. “See, here is your first roommate. He has an IQ of 180!”
“That’s wonderful!” says Albert. “We can discuss mathematics!”
“And here is your second roommate. His IQ is 150!”
“That’s wonderful!” says Albert. “We can discuss physics!”
“And here is your third roommate. His IQ is 100!”
“That’s wonderful! We can discuss the latest plays at the theater!”
Just then another man moves out to capture Albert’s hand and shake it. “I’m your last roommate and I’m sorry, but my IQ is only 80.”
Albert smiles back at him and says, “So, where do you think interest rates are headed?”
      Oh yes, if you read this bulletin, tell me, Greg Rediske, so you can get a make-up for a missed meeting. And yes, if you shop online, please do so at Amazon Smile so a portion of your purchase can be allocated to Lakewood Rotary.