Posted by Gayle Selden on Mar 30, 2018
Past President Greg Rediske, donning a dark suit and a 101 Dalmatians tie, pulled his 11-year-old gavel skills out of his back pocket and rang our meeting to order on March 30th. The name Greg, from the origin of Latin and Greek roots, means watchful and alert. Past President and current club Secretary Rediske has been watching us like a hawk as you will see from his fines that occurred later in the meeting.
PP Rediske thanked Ward Fletcher, Bob Hammar and Troy Wilcox for set up duties and acknowledged the hardworking Sportsman’s Dinner Desk workers Rick Selden, Mary Horn and Barb Spriggs.
Did you know we have six members with the name Mary or some form of it in our club? Mary is most likely derived from Egyptian origin meaning beloved. Our Marys are beloved for certain!
Ward Fletcher and Mike McGowan collected $438 at the Paul Harris Desk.
Ward’s given first name is Royal. Royal is a French origin name meaning king. Please don’t tell Ward as he might make us bow in his presence.
Mark Edgecomb was selling the raffle tickets. Russell Troy Wilcox was the photographer and Gayle Selden is on the bulletin.
Gayle is a short form of the name Abigail which is Hebrew for “my father is joy.” Gayle’s mom decided to spell her name with a "y" to show more individuality and to also cause Gayle to have her name misspelled by everyone who ever writes her name. And Dad you are full of joy! Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us!
Greg Rediske named Mark Edgecomb as Sergeant at Arms and Mark reported no visiting Rotarians. We did have a guest: Dr. Johanah Kang, wife of Eric Quinn. Those two are currently on their way to Tahiti to celebrate their honeymoon.
        The view from Eric and Johanah's room in Tahiti.
Steve Mazoff had a couple sunshine reports. He visited with Richard Simmons. Richard has sold his truck and is just too tired to come to Rotary at this time. His 95-year-old body is wearing out a bit. Might be time for us to deliver him some pies and other treats.
When Richard was a young whipper-snapper in Rotary 54 years ago he went by the name Dick. Don’t dare call him that anymore! He goes by Richard now with Germanic origins that mean “brave one.”
Steve also let us know that Lowell Johnson’s cardiac incident was caused by sleep apnea. (Start using your CPAP machines folks.) Three days in a medically induced coma two weeks ago and he is already back to golfing today. Amazing.
Lakewood Rotary’s resident lyrical poet Eric Quinn performed a rap about the upcoming Sportsman’s Dinner. Procurements must be in now. Invite your friends to buy tickets! Expect a great time with great friends and wonderful food. If you have volunteer questions, get them to Bill Allen as volunteer coordinator Quinn is Tahiti bound!
           Rick Selden rallies the troops for the final push on the auction.
The committee has been working tirelessly this year to make sure Lakewood Rotary gets the best bang for our buck! Final push now: Ticket link: We are ready to make some money to better our community and world!
Lakewood Rotary has four members named Bill. Bill name origin of William means “desire protective.” Bill is not the most common men’s name in Lakewood Rotary as we have five Bobs. The name Robert means “bright fame” which explains why you cannot get a word in edgewise if you sit with one of them at lunchtime.
Past President Rediske got to break into fine time. The first question he asked was who had just seen Bruce Springsteen on Broadway. Bruce is performing a special show with songs and book readings in a 968-person theatre. Tickets are nearly impossible to get. Someone in the room had flown to New York to see the show. Was it John Korsmo, the biggest Bruce Springsteen fan I know????  Nope, it was Barlow Buescher, who said the show was good (I think he meant amazing, but he didn’t want to make Korsmo jealous). He offered $50 for the privilege of seeing the Boss up close and personal.
In an unusual twist, President Rediske offered a $10 fine reduction if he could answer the question “Which Lakewood Rotary member was named University of Washington’s Male Athlete of the Year in 1962?” Barlow was unaware that the answer was John Magnuson.
                   The cruel substitute president Rediske laughs at what is clearly  a grief-sticken moment for the 70-year old Walt Richardson. Sad.
The ever trivia-loving Rediske then asked what state the Alamo is in? A reluctant Walt Richardson answered Texas. Walt was just down in Texas visiting a friend and celebrating his 70th Birthday. He paid a $50 fine. (Which is exactly how old Walt looks—better bust out the bicycle;  seems to work better than Oil of Olay.)
PP Rediske made another offer for fine reduction asking Walt how many members of Lakewood Rotary are over the age of 80. Walt did not answer the correct number of 18.
Bob Hammar announced he went to New Zealand and then on a whim back to Tahiti. He loved seeing his old stomping grounds. He paid $20 for each country.
He then showed off a Lakewood Rotary polo shirt and vest. The shirts are coming in three colors and all sizes, women’s and men’s styles. The vests are also available in all sizes as well. There will be samples to try on at a meeting soon. Price to be determined but will be less than generic Rotary items sold, and these say Lakewood Rotary proudly!
PP Rediske asked Bob if he had read up on Lakewood Rotary history. Bob responded, “No, its boring just like Tacoma 8’s.” The writer of our history, Greg Rediske, should’ve doubled the fine for that comment! Our history is fascinating and available via under Club Downloads:  better read up, Bob, because I am going to be quizzing you all next year!
Greg than let us know that the first daughter-father Lakewood Rotary President combo is coming July 1st. However, Lakewood Rotary has had two other child/ parent Presidents. Who are they? Jim and Greg Rediske and Mary Lou and Ben Sclair.  Gary Fulton’s dad was President Elect before his untimely passing. So, we’ve almost had four. It is a family affair in Lakewood Rotary.
A Lakewood Rotarian had a birthday on the very day of our meeting. Dr. Peter Marsh got the whole club to sing for him! He paid $20 to make us stop.
Peter’s fine reducing question was which two Lakewood Rotarians played major league baseball. The answer (fed from his table mates) was Peterson and Herbel. That’s Cap and Ron. He got half off for $10.
Rose Stevens and Mary Marlin presented on their recent trip to Nepal. Rose has been working in Nepal for many years with TRIFC (The Rose International Fund for Women). While Rose was in Nepal she had many interactions with Rotary in Nepal. Those interactions made her seek out Rotary here in Lakewood.
Rose and Rob Rose (Bellevue Rotary) led an 18-day trip in Nepal to volunteer and learn about the culture. Mary Marlin decided to go to learn more about the area she had learned of in her yoga practices.
Nepal is located Between China and India. Nepal is not Tibet, it is located next to Tibet (which is now part of China). Their travel began in Kathmandu which is an energetic city where the streets are shared by cows, bicycles, motorcycles, automobiles and pedestrians. The roads have no lanes but even with the chaos people still safely move around town.
They shared pictures of street shopping for textiles and other handmade goods. Then they stopped, smiled and laughed when they came across a photo of Mary and three men. Mary apparently paid these men to “enlighten” her.  The blush on her cheeks might mean enlighten has more than one meaning!
Mary and Rose shared more pictures of the Chitwan Nation Park, Elephant rides and Canoe Trips. They highlighted the village pictures of the dirt floors, thatch roofs and teenagers with their heads buried in their cell phones.
In Nepal, if you are born with a defect or a disability it is believed you have sinned in a previous life. TRIFC, Rotary and other non-profits are trying to teach differently. Rose and Mary saw workshops where differently abled people were weaving, thangka painting and finding hope for a future.
Rose and Mary also volunteered working a carnival for 50 young people with disabilities. Rotaractors from Dhulkihl planned the event. And are very involved in many activities with the blind, deaf and disabled.
Rotaract means Rotary in Action. It is a service organization sponsored by Rotary for those 18-30.
Rose then showed students from the blind and visually impaired school who received solar hot water tank and solar panels from a Lakewood Rotary funded grant. She also shared that our recent bio gas project is providing 20 households with cooking heat, high quality fertilizer, reduction of pests and safe water in a rebuilt village by a Rotary Club in Nepal.
Rose then showed us a hostel for the hearing impaired in construction that will house 125 children. A grant from Lakewood Rotary is helping provide electrical for the building.
If you’d like to see Nepal in person join Rose Oct 27 through November 13th, 2018. Don’t worry, people speak English!
Next Week Bill Potter is giving a Rotary Financial Update. Fun at Lakewood Rotary every Friday.
Bill Allen won $5 in the drawing. I guess he had a desire to protect the money for the next raffle winner.
Echo Curry wanted to invite us all a Boys and Girls Club Event, Dining for the Future. Its May 4th at 6:45 pm. It’s a family style dinner for $35 per person. Semi-Formal Dress. It will be held at 10402 Kline Street SW. Contact for more info or tickets.
Echo is a Greek name for sound.
Did you know there is a different meaning for the name Selden and Seldon? Your bulletin writer is from the English Seldens whose last name means willow valley. The unrelated Seldons have a name that combines the words shelf and hill. As you can see the names are completely different! I have no idea why people get them so confused. One thing is for sure auto correct always thinks both of them are "seldom"!
I had too much fun with the internet today! I will miss serving pancakes with the family Rediske this weekend, at what would have been the 57th Rotary Pancake Breakfast.......
Your bulletin writer who hopes you enjoyed reading this stuff,
Gayle Selden