Posted by John Magnuson on Oct 06, 2017
Corny jokes abound this fall season: for example - What's the ratio of a pumpkin's circumference to its diameter?  Answer? Pumpkin Pi. Oh, I can’t stop laughing over that one, but I’ll try. And I promise that’s the last of them.
Does it really need to be said? President Don opened the meeting. The invocation and pledge to the flag were as they always are and presented by Bob Hammar and somebody behind me.  Nobody took a knee or stayed in the TCGC dressing room for either. Have you ever seen such controversy? Heated! Divisive! Disrespectful! The times they are a’ changin’.
Don thanked his helpful corps of Duncan, Bob, Rob, Nicole - $361 for the foundation and an ever-nearer baby of a Rotarian. Say, just when was the last time we had a new kid at Lakewood Rotary? But I digress; Don went on to thank Phil and Ole.
A visiting Rotarian introduced by Mary Horn was Carl Ross of Clover Park Rotary. Our guests were Carrie Crabbe from Tacoma 8 as a prospective member and Anne Enquist. Sunshine was reported by my good neighbor John Forkenbrock: as Carole Wier had a hip replacement. For a moment I thought he said Ted replacement, but no.
What do you give to a pumpkin who is trying to quit smoking? A pumpkin patch, of course. Tee
Plant-a-tree on Saturday October 28 at Fort Steilacoom Park around Lake Waughop. It sounds easy but you never know: parks department digs the holes and hands us a baby tree and we put it in the hole then they fill it in. Boy, I hope that comes with some written instructions so our Norwegian members can follow.
Literacy project – please pay attention to these instructions! Bring new or used books to a meeting, for children or adults or both. Apparently Lakewood Rotary will then give them to the Tacoma Area Literacy Council and they will distribute them. Phew! Once more; all this heavy duty – I’m going to take a nap before continuing.
End Polio Day is coming. More will follow.
John Lowney reported that Walk Waughop Day will be October 15 between 11:00 and 1:00 for the benefit of Partners for Parks. Entrance fee is $10 but he said to bring $20.
Vaughn Hoffman spoke on behalf of  Connie’s PEO Chapter that their annual Poinsettia sale  begins soon. White, pink or red for $13.
President Don gave kudos to the Lakewood Police Department’s participation in the bust of a Tillicum gang that was trafficking in sex by minors. Five arrests were made and two more are expected. Good work by Chief Zaro and his men and women.
What do you call a colorful pile of leaves you can go scuba diving in? The Great Barrier Leaf. Snort!
Greg Horn enumerated our birthday and anniversary celebrants. Charlie Hyde, Barb Spriggs, Tom Sadler, Gordy Quick, Mary Horn, Mike Zaro all pale in comparison to Richard Simmons’ 95th birthday. Happy Birthday to all and especially to Richard! Wedding anniversaries were celebrated by the Reamses, Lowneys, Hoseas and Stephanses. Club anniversaries noted for Steve Enquist, Ed Shannon, Duncan Cook, Bob Zawilski, Scott Buser, Ted Wier, Skip Stephan and Greg Rediske – grand prize winner at 35 years. You must have been present to win the prize. Too bad Greg is vacationing in Sun River!
How do leaves get from place to place? By autumnmobiles. Double snort!
Kim Prentice introduced Jaclyn Shope, assistant principal of Four Heroes Elementary School.  But our Educator of the Month is – drum roll – say where is the drummer boy? - Kelly Budnick. She is a kindergarten teacher and has worked in Clover Park School District for 30 years. John Mitchell, the principal of Four Heroes, says, “I have no doubt whatsoever that Mrs. Budnick’s effectiveness as a kindergarten classroom teacher is second to none!”
Above: Lakewood Rotary Educator of the Month, Kelly Budnick, left (our very own Kim Prentice to the right)
Kelly Budnick is a polished professional. She is well-organized, enthusiastic and has a very positive outlook on all aspects of her work. Her ability to problem solve and address challenges that arise in her classroom is tremendous. She has an excellent foundation of instructional theory, pedagogy (Donn Irwin had to look that one up on Google!) and curriculum.  She also does an excellent job of collecting and analyzing data to plan and differentiate instruction to fit her students’ needs. She is an excellent communicator and keeps her students and their parents well-informed about their academic progress toward meeting state standards. Kelly’s colleagues describe her as “a knowledgeable, organized, highly skilled, dedicated team member.” She is a consummate professional.
I would add that she is articulate and well-prepared to graciously accept and appreciate this recognition by Lakewood Rotary. Oh, and she was pleasantly surprised with her plaque and $100 bill!
How does an elephant get out of a tree? Sit on a leaf and wait for autumn. Wait a minute here. Hee.
Citations abound: Dr. Bob Lordahl’s badge made it all the way to Clover Park Rotary and it cost $20 to get it back. Barb Spriggs matched Gordy Quick’s contribution on her behalf last week. She attended her reunion in Wisconsin. No, make that Connecticut. No, how about Minnesota? Well it was somewhere. $20.Troy Wilcox attended a work conference in Las Vegas. But more importantly his son was medalist in a recent golf tournament held at Oakbrook and The Home Course. I just love that course. Don’t you? John Forkenbrock took Linda to the Oregon coast. I didn’t get the dollar amount. Chris Kimball went to Texas to play drums along with a keyboardist client and paid $10 for the privilege. Barlow Buescher went to Cleveland to baptize two nephews. Whatta guy! $?
What did the boy leaf say to the girl leaf? I’m falling for you. (I didn’t get it but Donn explained it to me. Boy he is one well-informed former Tacoma 8 Rotarian and he knows a lot about this sex stuff!)
Sally Smith introduced our program presenter who is no stranger to Lakewood Rotary. Dave O’Keefe is our 2017 Non-Rotarian of the Year. He gave a well-prepared presentation on Communities in Schools. Dave introduced Monique Hanks who is a 3rd year counselor. He explained their role in facilitating schooling, progress, and acceptance for 243 kids at 4 target schools. Those schools are Clover Park High, Lochburn Middle School, Four Heroes and Tillicum Elementary Schools.
CIS places people at each of these schools to assist teachers and administrators in moving kids toward better outcomes. He and Monique cited just one example of the work that CIS accomplishes. They recently arranged a multi-day tour of six Washington colleges for some Juniors from Clover Park High School. They visited PLU, Evergreen, Central, WSU, Gonzaga and Eastern. The kids who travelled were typical of disadvantaged youth. Suffice to say, they never would have visited 6 colleges in Washington had CIS not done this. It was described as life changing for some of the kids. Not only did CIS make all these arrangements for travel, boarding and meals, they also follow through on guiding them through the application process, essays, financial aid and scholarship opportunities. CIS then checks in with them so they focus and stay involved with their progress.
Above: Presenters Dave O'Keefe and Monique Hanks
Dave thanked Lakewood Rotary for our continued support. He also mentioned mentorships that are available and remarked on our support of the ever-important summer programs. Kudos to Dave O’Keefe and Monique Hanks for thoroughly assisting kids in our schools whom might never otherwise get a chance. Well-done.
Next week’s program is Pierce County Councilmember Doug Richardson.
The meeting officially closed at 1:25 then Walt Richardson won $5 in the drawing.
What do you call a tree that doubts autumn?
Disbe-leaf. (Okay, no more.)

 Who reads this stuff?