Posted by Donn Irwin on Sep 29, 2017

Once again, President Daniels began the meeting right on time, which, in effect, is whenever he starts it – you know, being President and all. Our fearless leader gleefully announced that, after the conclusion of today’s meeting, he is one quarter of the way through his Presidency. Do we give the President a “First 120 Days” review like we give another President a “First 100 Days” review? I’m wondering what that would look like. Maybe Eric Q. can create some polling questions, have Greg R. put them on our website and we could vote……

The invocation was given by Bob Peterson and Peter Marsh led us in the pledge.
We then received an explanation from out executive about where the beef was. Seems as though Mr. President wanted to impress our cousins in Clover Park Rotary with the quality and the price of our wonderful meeting venue. Why that would be necessary I have no clue; however, I do understand that Lakewood Rotary has a great venue and great food. Lucky us!
President Don’s Rotary minute consisted of mentioning the Rotarian magazine and the HUGE pile of money it has taken to wipe out Polio, and giving us a recap of last week’s meeting with the District Governor (more on this below).
The weekly duty roster went like this:
Paul Harris – James Guerrero
Ticket sales – Tom Crabill
Set up help - Duncan Cook, Rob Erb, Mr. Hammar, Troy Wilcox
Sergeant-at-Arms - Tom Crabill (busy guy that Tom)
Visiting Rotarians – Lew Samdal from Parkland-Spanaway Rotary.
Guests of Rotarians – Bob Z. introduced a well-known name, Johnny Walker, only this Johnny Walker was solid as opposed to liquid.
Something you always wanted to know – racehorses don’t run any faster than ostriches.
There was no sunshine as John Forkenbrock wasn’t there to report anything and no one else knew of someone ailing or in need. This is a good thing.
Above: Presenter, Matthew Martin
There was a slew of birthdays, club anniversaries and wedding anniversaries. This is according to club records, which by the way are all self-reported by members themselves. So if there are errors it isn’t Greg Horn’s fault. Here are the lists for September 2017:
Birthdays – Ward Fletcher, Clint Johnson, Greg Rediske, Bob Zawilski, Mark Blanchard, Mike McGowan, Dave Coleman, Gayle Selden, Mary Jo Strom Copland
Rotary Anniversaries (years in the club in parentheses) – Gary Fulton (33), Walt Richardson (33), Don Daniels, aka, The Prez (21), Debbie LeBeau (9), Eric Quinn (3), Mile Zaro (2)
Yet another little something you always wanted to know: goats rest, but never close their eyes to sleep.
Wedding Anniversaries ( spouses name and years married in parentheses) – Robert Weyrick (Carolyn, 2), Janie Frasier (George, 4), Larry Clark (Carla, 6), Melissa Missall (Tony, 10), Kris Peterson (Rosemary, 24), Walt Richardson (Tanya, 25), Mark Blanchard (Joanie, 41), Greg Horn (Mary, 41), switch the last names ending in Horn with the first names and you get the same result; Scott Buser (Kathy, 42), Rick Selden (Sharon, 49), Wynn Hoffman (Margie, 49), Mike McGowan (Wendy Jo, 53) and finally Sam Hunter (Sybil, 60).
International RI President Riseley has a plant-a-tree initiative and Lakewood Rotary President Don is looking for a spot to plant 114 trees (and of course the volunteers to plant them). Please contact Pres. Don with suggestions.
President Don also gave us a recap of the District Governor’s message from last week’s meeting, the gist of which is that Rotary is changing (as are many volunteer organizations), and he is asking Rotarians to be flexible in the face of change. Also, District Governor Tom and his wife ask that Rotarians gather up two books and donate them somewhere. Again President Don is asking for ideas as to where to donate. The mighty Joe Quinn suggested the Tacoma Area Literacy Council.
Again with the knowledge thing: the smallest spider measures half the size of the printed period.
The eminent Phil Eng was lauded by President Don for his outstanding work on behalf of the Club. So far this year, Phil has put together our participation in the Classic, the Roadster Romp (biggest participation ever) and the floating Board Meeting (again, the biggest participation ever). Phil is now coordinating the Club’s participation in the RI Convention in Toronto, Canada (a large group of folks have already signed up to go. Pretty good, eh?). Congratulations Phil and thank you for all of your hard work.
Rob Erb stated that the Military Affairs Committee is in need of one more volunteer story from one of our veterans in the club. Contact Rob or one of the other members of the committee.
Jay Mayer announced a charity Murder Mystery event in support of something I didn’t catch. $45.00 a person. Call Jay for more info.
Steve Enquist presented Mark Edgecomb with his first Paul Harris Fellowship award. Steve noted that RI has eliminated the medallion and the padded folder but our club will keep presenting the Fellowships the way we have in the past.
Citations (aka fines): Gordy Quick ratted out Barbara Spriggs for something that she will have to “confess” to when she gets back from where she has been (ergo the fine). Bud Montgomery paid a fine for fishing. John Magnuson must have gotten tangled up in Bud’s line because he had to pay fine as well. Even though Phil was recognized for all he does for the club, President Don had him pay for going to Hawaii. Phil also paid it forward for an upcoming trip to Europe. President Don, please make a note of this. Mark Edgecomb, still basking in the glow of his PH Fellowship, gave up some more $$ for a trip to Wisconsin, New York and roller coaster rides in Ohio. Duncan Cook confessed that he went on a humanitarian mission to Canada. According to Duncan, the Canadian economy is sagging and so he took his wife to Canada to help them. It seems that if there is a struggling economy somewhere, no one can give it a boost like his wife. (Duncan, we promise we won’t let your wife know about this – well, not intentionally anyway). Ted Wier was cited for acquiring a new car – one he can’t operate due to all of the new bells and whistles. That reminds me of my sister-in-law buying a new Mercedes a few years ago and having to go to a class on how to operate the thing before she could drive it – yikes!
Our program was presented by one Matthew Martin, Regional Manager and National Faith-Based Coordinator for The Outreach Program. The Outreach Program’s tagline is “Ending Hunger. Enriching Lives”.
Mr. Martin entitled the program “Social Entrepreneurship.”He gave us some interesting (and rather eye opening) statistics: there are 915,000 hungry—food insecure—people in Washington state – 117,00 in Pierce County and 40,000 of this are children. There are 42 million people in America that are hungry.
Basically, The Outreach Program works with a local organization that has gathered volunteers in order to put together pre-packaged meals that need only hot water in order to prepare them. The goal is to provide an easily prepared, life sustaining meal for those in need. For more information go to and or
The generous members of the Lakewood Rotary Club chipped in another $331.00 to the Paul Harris cause. You folks are amazing!
There was $650.00 in the drawing with 10 white and 1 red chip. Troy Wilcox had the winning ticket – he drew a white chip worth $5.00
And finally: The film Total Recall contained 55 paid references to 31 products.
Have a great week and remember – President Don is 25% done!