Posted by Donn Irwin on Dec 07, 2018
President Gayle opened the meeting with her usual regal air. She called on Mr. Bob Hammar (he of the two “m “and two “a” fame) to deliver an invocation, or as is now the vogue, a “thought for the day." Thankfully Mr. Hammar mentioned Pearl Harbor and the tragic events that took place there 77 years ago.
Anne Enquist led us in the Pledge.
Once again our fantastic group of volunteers offered up their time to set up for our meeting and then put things away after most of us go on our way at the end of the gathering. Many thanks to Duncan, Rob, Ward, Mr. Hammar and Troy.
The others: Steve E. at the Paul Harris table. Bob Bruback greeted us. Barb Spriggs and Chuck H. sold us drawing tickets with Ward F. acting as Sergeant-at-Arms. Troy Wilcox doubled up his duties and took pictures along with managing the AV and the Irwin with the first initial of “D” tried to capture all of the proceedings on paper.
Rob Erb introduced a visiting Rotarian from Juneau AK – Diane Keiser (sp). Diane and President Gayle exchanged club flags.
There were no guests.
Our dear friend Richard Simmons’ memorial service is Tuesday 12\11 at 1:00PM at Mountain View Memorial. RIP Richard.
There were several announcements: On December 5th Lakewood Rotary was honored by being awarded the Larry Saunders Award. The Lakewood City Council will present us this award on Tuesday January 22nd 2019 at 7:00PM at the Council Chambers. We get $1000.00 to give away to a charity(s) of our choice.
Stephanie Wilcox announced (through her channeler Gayle Selden) a reminder that the Holiday party is this evening and asks that you bring non perishable snacks and box drinks so we can donate them to LASA. Suggested items would be granola bars, apple sauce, fruit cups etc.
Gayle also mentioned that there is another event going on at the same time at the club so please carpool if you can.
More announcements: Our President confessed that she cut out a meeting – she claimed Presidential privilege. We will meet on the 14th of December. Then no meeting until January 4th 2019. That meeting will be at the Rotunda at Clover Park. This meeting will be box lunch so bring cash money. The Pierce County Health Department will be presenting the program.
There IS a Board meeting on December 20th 2018 here at the Club.
But wait, there’s more: Anne Enquist reminded us about the Puffin Roast of the President at our next meeting (12\14) and about the Break Bag assembly at EFN the following day. 40 folks have signed up but we need about 10 more. For those that volunteer note that you have to sign up with EFN as well. Go their website or wait for a link to it that will be sent to you via email by our club.
Can you believe it….there are more announcements. My fingers are hurting.
Rick Selden talked about bicycle deliveries on Saturday the 15th. He asked for four more people to help with the deliveries. I get the feeling that Rick may be able to park a car in his garage again after the bikes are delivered.
Rob Erb told all us that the Wreaths Across America event was happening – yep, the same day as everything else – December 15th.  Evidently he felt the need to have people fed as he mentioned that there would be breakfast at Burr’s Restaurant at 7:00AM (ugh) on Saturday morning. I thought I heard him say he was buying but maybe it was just me.
And finally: Mary Horn announced that there is an opportunity to voluntarily commit ourselves to Western State Hospital. On December 12th 29 patients at the hospital will be treated to a Christmas party. Call Mary to sign up to help. They will be meeting at Albertsons at noon and car pooling it from there.
Okay….I think we are done with announcements. Now on to some important club business.
Chris Kimball was called upon to announce our slate of candidates for the next Rotary year.
Chris announced the following:
Returning Board Members for July 1st, 2019-2020
Past President: Gayle Selden
Treasurer:         John Lowney
Secretary:         Greg Rediske
Directors:          Mary Horn, Mary Marlin, Wynn Hoffman
New Directors:  2 year term
Paula Olson
Barb Spriggs
Rob Erb
President Elect:
Mark Edgecomb
There were no nominations from the floor. The slate of new directors and President Elect was motioned for approval and seconded. The vote was put to the club and passed unanimously.
Thank you to all of our officers and congratulations to the new Directors and President Elect.
Nepal and Rose Stevens were next up on the agenda. Rose gave us a synopsis of what was happening with the Rotary District 5020 Grant for the Purwanchal School Hostel for the Deaf in Nepal. She brought books to the school which were enjoyed immensely by the kids. We funded electrical improvements, bunk beds and plumbing for the school. This project has been worked on for seven years
along with the Nanaimo BC and Bellevue Rotary clubs we also donated to help rebuild an earthquake damaged school.
Okay, so maybe we weren’t done with announcements. Dave Coleman and Rick Selden gave us an update on the Pavillion project. Dave verbalized a list of the monies we have donated and where the funds came from but I didn’t catch all of it. Thankfully we will get a detailed report in the near future. The good news is that we are in great shape financially with our part of the project. Rick and Dave thanked everyone profusely for their time, money and support of the project.
Perhaps that was the last announcement…..
President Gayle placed her newly fashioned Santa fining hat, adorned with her tiara, upon her head and announced that there wasn’t enough time for fines…bummer.
In spite of Gayle’s declaration of fine amnesty for this week, Jan Gee paid $100.00 for being named the Top Woman in Grocery\Senior Executive Level by the association she belongs to.
Yes….the Coleman\Selden thing above was the last announcement. Phew.
Joe Quinn was called upon to deliver our Program today. Youth Protection Training was the name of the game and Joe started out the presentation in an attention grabbing way. He introduced us to Paul and Paula Puffin and they in turn taught us about inappropriate and improper behavior. Joe positioned himself behind the speaker’s podium and then squatted down out of sight while raising Paul and Paula Puffin up into to our sightline. He proceeded to use the puffins as puppets and went through a couple of scenarios of behavior that needs to be changed.
Above: Presenters Paul and Paula Puffin (Joe Quinn)
Joe explained that we need this training because well, things happen. He gave a couple of examples of situations that shouldn’t have happened which really brought home the point for the training. The second reason he gave for the training was because RI and district 5020 require it. The third and last reason we need it is because common sense and decency require it.
Every member has to complete online training in Youth Protection Awareness. It is especially important for members that are Rotary Youth Volunteers and members that have more than “casual contact” with youth. Joe presented the steps you need to go through to become a volunteer.
Here is a portion of an email that was sent to all Club members back in August by Greg Rediske on behalf of Joe Quinn. The email contains a link that you can use to take your training.
The Chrome browser should be used, and Adobe Flash should be installed on your computer (most computers should already be set).
Use this link:
Then follow the "bouncing ball," though there is no ball.
Thank you Joe for taking on the job of Youth Protective Training enforcer!
Wow! You folks continue to blow me away with your generosity. The Foundation took in $1570.00 today!!
The drawing was held and the lucky number wasn’t held by me. I didn’t record who the lucky winner was but know they drew a white chip.
Next week’s meeting features the Roasting of the President by the locally renowned troop of Lakewood Rotary Puffins.
From the book The 176 Stupidest Things Ever Done comes this tidbit. Whenever anyone says that the literacy rate isn’t declining, consider this story about a woman who recently went to a book store to buy a copy of Mein Kampf. The seller asked if that was the author. The woman responded that, no it means My Struggle and that it was written by Hitler. The bookseller then asked Hitler who? The woman responded with "are you serious?" The bookseller’s response…."Look, I don’t know every author in the world…."
Is anyone still awake after all of this?
Ah yes: Read this bulletin and tell Greg Rediske to get a meeting make-up. Also, do all of your online shopping on Amazon Smile so a portion of your purchase can be allocated to Lakewood Rotary.