Little Free Pantry Information

Thank you for your interest in Lakewood Rotary’s Little Free Pantry Initiative. Our purpose is to grow the Little Free Pantry culture in the Lakewood Area as a community and neighborhood oriented, barrier free 24-hour access to food and hygiene supplies in conjunction with and complementary to existing support organizations.
We welcome both individuals and organizations to join us in this effort; there are many possible roles.
Pantry Host – The property owner permitting the installation on their property
Pantry Steward – Usually the Host for individual Hosts; usually a subset of the organization or a cooperating neighborhood group for organizational Hosts
Pantry Sponsor – Someone unable to Host or act as a Steward but offering to pay the installation costs.
Other Roles - Pantry Construction and Installation, publicity and Social Media engagement, food procurement, and Coordination with other service agencies.
We are partnering with, a Seattle based LFP effort, see their website for more LFP information.  We are also partnering with a Pierce county organization focused on teaching marketable construction skills.


At the ribbon cutting

Rotarians and Partners