Posted by Greg Rediske on Nov 03, 2017
It's Rotary Foundation Month! To mark the occasion, we had a speaker, but that comes later in this document. (It's kind of fun to call this a document....makes it seem somehow important. Maybe I should have called it a treatise, to drive that point home.) So anyway, this being Foundation Month, it's a good time to revisit our own history with the Foundation. As most know, there was no history on this subject for the club's first 15 years.
Then they named Russ Klauser chairman of the committee in 1971, which prompted Russ to write a check for $1000 and become Paul Harris Fellow #1 in Lakewood Rotary. And then came the "Famous Lunch", when he invited 15 Rotarians to a free lunch. He shut the door to the Mirror Room at the Terrace Restaurant, and said they were all to become Paul Harris Fellows before leaving. He would loan the money if needed. And off we went. Most know the story, but the speaker today (later in this treatise) brought up a thought, seized by this writer: In 1971, $1000 was the same as $6066 in today's dollars. With that thought in mind, Russ' arm twisting is even more impressive. And did I mention that he was my father-in-law?  Glory reflected is better than no glory at all.....
And so: the first meeting in November of 2017 started in the usual way, with the President (in this case, the esteemed Don Daniels) calling the meeting to order and then quickly thanking those who helped: Jim Weinand (Paul Harris table: $502 dollars! Or $507---accountants write like doctors), Jan Gee (ticket sales), Troy Wilcox and Duncan Cook (setup), Scott Buser (invocation), Ole Magnuson (Pledge) and acclaimed photographer Walt Richardson. (You can tell he's acclaimed, by the size of his camera.)
Tom Crabill said no visiting Rotarians and no Sunshine Report, while Greg Horn introduced Kendra, back for a second time! Speaking of Mr. Horn: as you all probably know by now, Greg was recently elected District Governor of 5020 for 2020-21. He follows DG Gordon Quick (1993-94) as the only Lakewood Rotarian elected as District Governor of 5020. (Dave Sclair was also DG, but was elected while a member of Clover Park Rotary. Vaughn Hoffman was DG in another district altogether.) Chris Kimball was on the committee at District, and he said the other three candidates were good, but couldn't hold a candle to Greg. Principally because of Greg's wife, Puffin Mary Horn, who sealed the deal in spades. Greg donned a Burger King crown to commemorate his future coronation. Size XXXXXL and growing.
Words of Wisdom: Borrow money from pessimists -- they don't expect it back.
Educators of the Month:
Bob Peterson, aka The Best Teacher This Writer Of Treatises Ever Had, introduced administrators Ryan Douglas from Cherrydale Elementary, and Karen Mauer-Smith from Lakes High School.
Our first Educator of the Month was Tina Ridge, the librarian at Cherrydale. Tina has spent 30 years teaching, including 15 in the Steilacoom district. She found her dream job 7 years ago as librarian, where she does extensive reading tutoring, runs the Backpack Program (food for those in need), runs the after school intervention program (tutoring), and generally sets the tone for the whole school, according to Principal Douglas.
Above: Educator of the Month, Tina Ridge (with Bob Peterson)
From Clover Park came Heather Brown, who joined Lakes four years ago, first as the school's athletic trainer. She now teaches and runs Lakes' sports medicine program, while advising a club on opportunities in this field. One of her students won a prestigious national scholarship for sports medicine. She is also the "senior year" expert at Lakes, and volunteers for this, that and the other thing. Congratulations and thanks! President Don awarded each a crisp $100 bill for their personal use as a gift from Lakewood Rotary.
Above: Educator of the Month, Heather Brown (with Bob Peterson)
82.7% of all statistics are made up on the spot
New member: Again!
For the second week in a row, we have a new member. Charlene Miseli was last week, and this week we welcomed Johnny Walker, of the famous family of Scotch whiskey! Actually, not that Johnny Walker, but Johnny Walker of Crunch Fitness located at the site of the old Saars grocery store. Johnny started on the east coast (Ohio, I think), spent many years in the military followed by car sales, and then found his true calling in helping people to get healthy and fit. This is something he is very passionate about. He is married to Maria, has a 21-year old daughter (Sydney), and is excited to be a part of the Lakewood community, and Lakewood Rotary in particular. Say "Hi!" to Johnny. It was then that Bob Cammarano passed the Puffin to Charlene, who promptly hugged it hello and goodbye before awarding it to the grateful Johnny. (Possibly not grateful, maybe more like resigned...)
Above: New Lakewood Rotarian, Johnny Walker (wearing black, not blue, on the left)
If your car could travel at the speed of light, would your headlights work?
1. Jay Mayer, chair of Community Concerns, needed a vote on a $2500 donation to Waste Connections' holiday bike program. We will receive a bunch of the bikes for delivery this Christmas, after they are purchased and put together by Waste Connections. Moved, seconded, passed.
2. Mary Horn, co-chair of the upcoming District Conference the first weekend in May at the Hotel Murano in Tacoma, announced a first-time ever work project DURING  the conference. It actually takes place on Thursday, May 3rd, the day before the conference officially begins. Mary and Sally Porter Smith put together the program that will require more than 200 volunteers to put together 50,000 bagged meals (boil and serve), at a cost of 25 cents each. All the Pierce County Rotary Clubs are being asked to volunteer, and our club is already on board. Spouses and kids are invited to participate: one table of 16 will be Horns. The time slots are 2 hours each, beginning at 8 am.
Don announced that there will be no regular Lakewood Rotary meeting May 4 because of the Conference, but also to encourage all Lakewood Rotarians to volunteer for this very cool project the day before. For more information on the program, check out our bulletin from September 29 (
3. Details about Mo Sarram's announcement last week: The World Affairs Seminar in Wisconsin has been supported by our club in the past and has included attendees named Korsmo, Lowney, Guerrero, Selden, and more..... Students (16-18 years old) from the USA and foreign countries participate in the seminar and listen to lectures and have
committee meetings discussing socially important topics. We have budgeted for three students to attend the meeting. Traditionally we encourage our membership to send their children and other members of their family to attend this seminar.  June 23-29. See Mo for applications.
4. Chris Kimball's business is sponsoring a private tour of the LeMay Museum in downtown Tacoma, 3 p.m.-5 p.m. on Thursday, 11/9. Call his office to RSVP: 253-722-7526
5. Thanks to the tree planters at Ft. Steilacoom this past weekend! Don Daniels, Troy and Dylan Wilcox, Ted Wier, Tom Crabill, John Forkenbrock and Rick Selden.
Everyone has a photographic memory; some just don't have film.
Jim Weinand introduced Howard Svigals from District 5020's Foundation Committee. We are Howard's sixth club this month, with 21 more to go. Did you know that the Rotary Foundation has received the highest rating possible for a foundation for 9 years in a row? And that CNN rates it the 5th best foundation in the world? And that 90% off all funds go to projects and programs? 1000 global grants are awarded each year ($30,000 to $200,000 each). There are three components of the Rotary Foundation: 1. Polio Plus. These funds go in and out, almost immediately. (And let's not forget the 2 for 1 matching by the Gates Foundation for the next three years); 2. Annual Fund. Monies are held for three years before spending, the interest income taking care of most administrative costs. (About $120 Million per year goes in, about $120 M per year goes out.); 3. Endowed Fund. This is currently at $1 Billion, although 2/3 of this is in expected money from bequests. About $15-20 million per year is spent from this fund.
Above: Presenter, Howard Svigals
In total, about $135-140 million per year is spent between the Annual Fund and the Endowed Fund. Howard announced our club's status: 
94 Paul Harris Fellows (out of 118 current members)
25 Benefactors ($1000 in a will)
9 Bequest Society members ($10 K in a will)
1 Paul Harris Society member ($1000 per year, every year)
2 Rotary Direct participants (credit card payments monthly thru the RI site)
$1,087,758 all time giving: one of three clubs in the district to do so (Tacoma #8, Bainbridge)
We should also all thank our own Bob Zawilski, who puts in hours and hours and hours on the district committee in oversight of district grants.
All hail the Rotary Foundation!
What happens if you get scared half to death twice?
The Drawing: Mayor Don Anderson attempted to pull a red chip worth $910, but managed to pick a white chip, worth slightly less.
And last but not least: Remember to sign up for the Lakewood Rotary Dinner/Dance, this year on Friday, December 1. Sign up by November 17. Even if you don't dance, you can dinner.  (For myself, though, I always remember the Japanese proverb: We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.) A great Lakewood Rotary event, since 1959, making this the 59th annual. Ted Wier was toting the signs for the event at the meeting Friday, so I'm sure that means that he is handling everything but cooking the meal, so we can be assured that the event will be a great success!
Next week: Veterans Day program. Don't miss it!
And here ends the treatise.