PRESIDING:  President Mick Johnson gonged us to order promptly at 12:30 p.m.  Too bad...just when he is getting really good at this Prez stuff--running the meeting--we have to replace him...pretty soon.

INVOCATION:   Bob Gee delivered a nice invocation, but this reporter felt it would be disrespectful to take notes, so the eloquence was lost (just like the short term memory).

PLEDGE:   Leon Titus made a rare appearance, so President Mick made him lead us in the Pledge.  Just kidding, Leon!



VISITING ROTARIANS:.  Bill Young served as Sergeant at Arms and introduced the following visitors: Don Anderson of Rotary #8 and "three roses" of Clover Park, including Georgene Mellum and two other lovely lady CP Rotarians who sold out all the roses they had with them today.

OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER:  Was there one?  Ah yes, Bob Zawilski

BULLETIN:  Joe Quinn

GUESTS:   When President Mick called for Guests of Rotarians, Bob Zawilski (not pronounced 'Zawallski') introduced his wife Marilyn and Dave Reames introduced his wife  Barb.  Joan Strait introduced her granddaughter, who is visiting.  Mo Sarram introduced not only his wife Fereshteh but also his daughter (Shahrzad) and granddaughter (Ariana), but more on them below.  Greg Rediske introduced Mike Johnson, a soon-to-be Rotarian (see below also) and his wife Sharon Rediske. 

SUNSHINE REPORT:  Jan Luze was not present so we dispensed with the Sunshine Report, but this writer sat next to a ray of sunshine as Past District Governor Dave Sclair was in attendance. 

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Ben Sclair told this writer about his installation plans, which may need clarification.  The Installation of Directors and Officers will take place at our regular lunch meeting on the Friday before his Rotary Year starts (June 24), not at the party, which will follow later that afternoon and evening.  From 4:00 p.m. on, at Ben's house, the real party will begin.  So come to the meeting that day if you like the formalities, but come to the party later if you just like the fun, social part of the Installation Banquet. (Is it a surprise that "casual Ben" would stray from the tradition of a dress up Installation?)   Did I get that right, Ben?


EDUCATOR OF THE MONTH:  Kim Prentice introduced our Educator of the Month.  The Steilacoom S.D. honoree was not present so she will be introduced another day.  Kim introduced the principal of Tyee Park Elementary, Tina Williams.  This month's Educator of the Month recipient was Kim van Sonnenvelde (or something like that, so we see why everyone calls her "Mrs. Van.")   Mrs. Van has served for 25 years at various levels and in various roles; currently she is a classroom coach and mentors new teachers.  Mrs. Van mentioned several times how much she loves her job.  But I liked the way she said it:  "My job is like a bowl of ice cream every day and with this award you have made it a sundae."  Yummy.  A hot fudge sundae with a bright red cherry on top. But I digress.  She clearly appreciated this award.

PAUL HARRIS AWARDS:  Gary Fulton rose to remind us of sure signs of Spring:
• Sportsman's Dinner is over (so stop selling raffle tickets)
• you just paid your taxes (we hope)
• Cal Kushen is back from the desert (yay)
• Mick's year as President is almost over (yay---no, wait!!)
• a change of officers is imminent (the show must go on).
• and it is time to nominate the non-Rotarian and Rotarian of the Year  (so that is what he was building up to) so Gary handed out the forms and then told us about the criteria for nomination and summarized the list of past winners.
But then Gary stayed at the microphone to give out some new Paul Harris Foundation awards.   The Foundation was established in 1917, and honors the founder of Rotary, Paul Harris.  The Foundation is an integral part of Rotary International.  He called forward Mo Sarram and some of his wonderful family to award a Paul Harris to the granddaughter of Mo and Fereshteh Sarram, Ariana Rastani.  Also present was Ariana’ mother, Shahrzad Sarram.   Did you all notice Ariana’s beautiful, radiant smile??

Next, Gary handed out the same hardware to Bob and Marilyn Zawilski; Bob has multiple PH awards, Gary said.  Then, Gary gave another PH award to Charlie Hyde, who is also a multiple PH honoree.  Finally, he awarded another PH to Cindy Thompson, who is a multi-PH-awardee too.  ( that a real word or did I just make that up?)

Amid all the applause, did we hear that right?  I think Gary Fulton mentioned that this club's historic giving to the Foundation now equals approximately $763,000.00.  It would be cool to be a member of Lakewood Rotary when the one million dollar figure is reached.  That may not be as far away as you might think...seems to me we had a big shindig and the President of RI came to it, when we hit the $500,000 mark and it was not that many years ago.

INDUCTION:   Mick then did the honors....inducting the world's newest Rotarian Mike Johnson (no relation).  Mike grew up in Spokane and spent 35 years in the National Guard, including active duty.  He is retiring from that career, and he has just been selected as the Executive Director of the Lakewood YMCA!  Welcome Mike. 

Rose Stevens, who was recognized as a new, active, great Rotarian who did so much as the Sportsman's Dinner, actually went out to her car to retrieve the Puffin, she was so eager to pass it on to Mike.

BIRTHDAYS, ETC.: Chris Kimball and Greg Horn did the usual bang up job recognizing April birthdays.  They handed out jokes to see if the birthday boys and girls could get the punch line right.  Seemed to me they had to pay a fine whether they got it right or wrong but it was pretty hilarious really.

NEW PROGRAM CHAIR:   Bob Gee was announced as the new Program Chair; Bob said we should e-mail him or call with ideas for programs.   Larry Faulk, who has been Program Chair since Methuselah was an infant (well maybe not quite that long) and who has done a wonderful job with a tough committee assignment, should be thanked personally by each and every one of us.  Bob said he hopes to draw upon the talents and background of our own members for programs in the future quite a lot.

THE PROGRAM:   Greg Rediske got up and I thought he was going to introduce the speaker, but he was the speaker.   And this proved Bob Gee's theory, i.e. that our own members often deliver the best, most entertaining programs.  Greg said he learned movie history starting at PLU.  Later, at one point his family bought the Bijou Theater (never knew that before) in the North End of Tacoma (formerly the Proctor), so they learned how to lose money while having fun.  In 1985, he started Video Management Company, which he still operates today, to place videos in stores, such as grocery stores.  Greg is my editor today, so if I get the slightest detail wrong in this report, he can just correct it and make me look good. 

Anyway, Greg launched into an educational history of the movie ratings.  (I had not thought about the Legion of Decency in many years.)  The program included great clips from some really old movies and a good explanation of what the ratings system has become over the years.  Even the members' questions were entertaining, with Norm Tremaine asking Greg if he rented these dirty movies to his fellow Rotarians.  Really...he was just kidding (I think).

THE DRAWING:   John Walstrum won the $5, not the escalating pot.

Our two patients, smiling for the camera while doing their “getting better” work: Dave Sclair and Clover Park’s Gene Pankey.