The customary invocation was delivered by a surprised, yet prepared, Bob Peterson (someone evidently forgot to tell him that he was once again invocating for us). He opened his wallet, pulled out a piece of paper with a prayer on it and led the way. Kudos to Bob.
The National Anthem was sung with gusto as all of us remembered our fallen soldiers.
President Chris delivered his Rock n’ Roll quote of the week: “Love when you can, cry when you have to, be who you must, that’s part of the plan.” These immortal words were sung by Dan Fogelberg in a song call “Souvenirs” from his 1974 album “Part of the Plan.” I figure we have maybe five more of these quotes to endure….er, enhance our knowledge with, until the Kimball regime comes to an end. But who’s counting?
Speaking of things Presidential, well at least Vice Presidential, you just can’t beat Dan Quayle for a snappy little quote. When asked about his decision to join the National Guard in 1969, Mr. Quayle responded with this: “Well, growing up in Huntington, Indiana, the first thing you think about is education”…..
Bob Hammar, Rob Erb and Lowell Porter set things up and took things down for us. Jim Rooks took your donations at the Paul Harris table while Leon Titus (you remember him?) took the $$ at the drawing ticket table and then did double duty as Sergeant-at-Arms. By the way – you guys are amazing, another $628.00 was donated by ya’ll to the Foundation. Take a bow! A Mark Twain wannabe named Donn Irwin wrote all this stuff down and Walt Richardson captured the images for us.
Mr. Erb also handled the introduction of visiting Rotarians (busy guy). Mary Jo Strom-Copeland is transferring to our club from Tacoma #8. Our speaker, Julie Anderson, also from #8, was welcomed. Jan Gee was introduced, good to see her! And finally Terry Taylor (a former #8 member) will be joining our club.
John Forkenbrock announced that there was no Sunshine….we all liked that.
Announcements were many:
Clayton DeNault introduced his guest Kirk Willis, the Facility Manager at the Lakewood Y. Kirk made a plea for some help in getting some shade structures built on the playfield at the Y.
President Chris made his pitch for attending the District Conference and threw in another pitch for using when ordering items from Amazon as it gets us a donation.
The Installation Banquet is June 17th – get in touch with John Lowney and sign up.
Flyers were left on the table soliciting our involvement with a Mandatory Fun Night for areas 11, 12 & 13. We are invited to attend (for a mere $16.50) a Rainer’s game on July 21st at 7:00PM. For your money you get reserved seating, a hot dog, a bag of Tim’s Cascade chips and bottled water. On top of all of that, pre-game tailgating activities will get you hot dogs, hamburgers, water, beer & wine…so who needs to go the game? Sounds like an adult thing as I didn’t see any mention of non-alcoholic beverages other than water. Anyway, sounds like a good time. For more info on this activity please contact Curtis Thiel either by phone – 253-219-6000 or by email –
Gayle Selden came forward to announce that Lakewood Rotary has struck gold again this year with another exchange student. Jin Park is coming to us from Korea. He was born in 2000 or so. Quickly, Bill Potter, how old is he? Gayle is asking for one of us to come forward as a mentor because she feels that, her being a woman and all, that Mr. Park should have a male to guide him. Eric Quinn has volunteered to mentor Mr. Park! As always, we are looking for host families – three of them. You have to have a separate bedroom for the student. Preferably live by Lakes H.S. Grandparents are a big plus. By-the-way, Cristina is down to her last few weeks with us.
Now is your last chance to sign up for the joint Rotary 8 and Lakewood viewing of Smokey Joe’s Café at Tacoma Little Theatre. Friday night June the 10th. Dinner (at Its Greek to Me) starts at 5:30 and costs $10.00. The show is $25.00 while prospective members will cost $20.00 a piece for the show. Call Don Doman at 253-759-6639 or Donn Irwin at 253-691-6758 for more information if you need it. Otherwise, just send money to Don Doman, 4701 N Huson St., Tacoma, WA 98407.
Don’t tell anyone but Mike Zaro was due to trade in his red badge for a blue one. Looks like no one told him about the deal as he didn’t show up. Perhaps the blue badge will cost him $10.00 instead of the customary $5.00?
The esteemed Michael McGowan spent a few moments talking about the Foundation. He let us know that at the beginning of next year (Rotary year or calendar year?) that the Rotary Foundation will be 100 years old – almost as old as Hellar….I mean, Hellar is almost that old, sorry. At about that same time our club will reach the laudable point of having contributed $1,000,000.00! Kudos to Lakewood Rotary.
Above: Mo Sarram, left, honoring his grandson Aria, right, with a Paul Harris Fellowship
Mike made the pleasurable announcement that Mo Sarram donated a Paul Harris Fellowship in the name of his grandson – Aria. Thank you Mo and congratulations Aria.
Mark Twain is quoted as saying “Noise proves nothing. Often a hen who has merely laid an egg cackles as if she has laid an asteroid”….
Was it bad timing or intent after that quote that Greg Horn was next up on the agenda? (Only the Shadow knows for sure).
Greg Horn had the honor of announcing a passel of birthdays, wedding anniversaries and Rotary anniversaries. Here goes:
Duncan Cook – May 1st
Bill Price – also Mat 1st
MR. Bob Hammar (with an “ar” this time – May 5th
Sally Smith – May 8th
Bob Lordahl – May 10th
Rob Erb – May 12th
Homer Dodge – May 16th
Dale Hirz – May 18th
Chaz Heberle III – May 25th
John Caulfield – May 27th
John Warner – May 30th
Wedding Anniversaries:
Dan and Leah Livingston – 18 years
Cal and Kai Kushen – 38 years
Jim and Jennie Weinand – 39 years
Rotary Anniversaries:
Troy Wilcox – 1 year
Chris Kimball – 6 years (at Lakewood)
Ron Irwin (great name!) – 35 years
Gayle Selden - 9 years
Clayton DeNault – 4 years
Jay Mayer – 16 years
Bill Allen – 12 years
Vaughn Hoffman – 12 years
Bill Potter -12 years
Lots of “volunteers” paid fines. Mr. Hammar went to Kitty Hawk – it cost him another $20.00 to admit it in front this group! Rick & Gayle Selden paid a fine -actually I think Gayle paid the fine-for her folks traveling to Yosemite, Sequoia, Death Valley and then to Las Vegas to meet up with their daughter and go to the Grand Canyon. Jim Weinand keeps paying for his trip to Haiti…I think he’s finally done with it! Greg Horn paid in advance for an extended vacation that will take him to Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Budapest. John Korsmo announced that his company built a whiffle ball field at or adjoining the Tacoma Rainiers's Cheney Stadium.
Above: Julie Anderson, Pierce County Auditor
Julie Anderson, our very own Pierce County Auditor and a member of Tacoma Sunrise Rotary gave us a very interesting talk about “what’s up” at the auditor’s office. Her office actually “audits nothing”; they are involved in 6 elections this year, including an exciting drainage ditch election. That has to rank right up there with a Presidential election don’t ya’ think?
Julie explained that the Presidential Preference election is actually a nominating process for two private political parties (guess which ones). She said that by law, the Auditor HAS to turn over your preference to the political parties. Remind me again here, who makes the laws? Interestingly there are 12 people vying for Patty Murray’s Senate spot.
Julie’s talk was funny, informative and to the point. By the way, she’s also the dog; her office picks up stray animals. What an interesting job and an interesting lady.
President Chris rang the bell.
There was\is $939.00 in the drawing. Barlow Buescher won the drawing but not the big pot. He did get $5.00 though.
Stay tuned folks. Next week you get Magnuson writing this stuff. It’s bound to be more interesting.