Posted by Eric Quinn on Jun 29, 2018
On June 29, Don Daniels served his last day as Lakewood Rotary President, and we at the Rotary Club of Lakewood are quite thankful for his service to the Club. His alter ego, Diego, presided over the meeting. Diego informed us that he would perform a “magic trick” at the end of the meeting and disappear. It should be noted that we had a special meal on Diego’s dime. Rather than pot roast we had tacos. They were quite flavorful.
Bob Hammar gave the invocation and Skip Stephan, longtime absentee, led us in the Pledge. We learned that Ward, Duncan and Bob set up the meeting, after Eric Quinn, the bulletin writer, reminded Diego to inform us about that. Jim Weinand manned the Paul Harris table and collected $512 for the Foundation. Chuck Hellar drew ticket sales and was the Sergeant at Arms. Bob Zawilski took photographs. Joe Quinn served as greeter.
Mark Edgecomb stood in for Rob Erb to introduce Visiting Rotarians. Keith Galbraith from Parkland-Spanaway,visited us with his new therapy dog, Doug, alongside. Doug barks a lot but so do many young pups. Furthermore, Charlie Maxwell from Clover Park was also visiting. The guests included Lisa Daniels, whose husband Don was conspicuously absent. Furthermore, Skip Stephan was present at the meeting, and some considered him to be a guest.
From George Carlin: Atheism is a non-prophet organization.
For announcements, Diego told as that there is a Fellowship opportunity coming up on July 7. He needs 10-12 able-bodied Rotarians to help plant some plants and spread topsoil at the Pavilion site at Fort Steilacoom. He needs you to bring some rakes, shovels, and wheelbarrows. Be there at 9 AM.
Keith Galbraith thanked Lakewood Rotary for its continued support of the Family Renewal Shelter.
This writer did not here a Sunshine Report at the meeting. Perhaps it was not asked for…
Diego thanked the Club for a donation to a Rotary club in a small town in Mexico, to support women in that club purchasing sewing machines for purposes of embroidery. Diego also voiced that he was impressed with Bob Peterson, who is fluent in Spanish. Diego thanked his wife Lisa (okay, Don really was at the meeting) for all of her support. Diego underlined how the Club has gained six new members in his year, many of them much younger than the average Club member. We do need some fresh blood at Lakewood Rotary, and this was a good year for that. Furthermore, Diego had many good things to say about the District Conference and the flexibility of the Board in accomplishing many tasks for the Club. Additionally, Diego wanted the Club to note how good his time-management skills are, opining that much of what he heard at former meetings was “blah blah blah.” Maybe so.  He admitted that long ago he was told by a previous president that “you are not the program. You are the facilitator.” That may be true, but Diego was certainly the program today.
For further announcements, Sally Smith and Charlene Miselli talked to us about the upcoming cruise that is being put on by the Sea Scouts. That will take place on July 14th at 3 PM, and is $50 a head. You should come out and see what an incredible organization Sea Scouts truly is. The cruise will start at the Tacoma Youth Marine Center at 820 East D Street, Tacoma, WA 98421. You can learn more at .
Another from George Carlin: Electricity is really just organized lightning.
Diego informed the Club that some members have left or are leaving. Those include Tom Crabill, Kal Kushen, Debbie Lebeaux, and Virginia Hillyer. It is likely that John Magnuson will also be leaving the Club. We will certainly miss them!
Greg Horn presented Diego with a gift from the Rotary President’s Council , enumerating the goals achieved under his tenure. Bob Zawilski suggested that despite Diego’s accomplishments, it is an impeachable offense for him to exclude pot roast from the menu.
Diego moved on to citations. Charles Heberle forked over $50 but this author could not hear why. Rick Selden presented Diego with some gifts from the Rotary International Convention. Rick voiced how apparent it was at the convention how respected Rotary truly is in the world. He gave Diego a rainbow-colored tie and $100. Sally Smith remitted some funds for her birthday. Bob Zawilski and his wife went on a cruise for three weeks and forked over some money for that as well.
For the Program, we heard reports from some designated committees. Did you know that there are 37 committees in this Club? It seems like it may be difficult to navigate that, but if you log in to Clubrunner and click on the icon for the 2018-2019 committees, you can see the composition and mission of each committee. For the first designated committee, Sally Smith spoke on behalf of Programs. She proudly reported that the committee put on some great programs this year. She also implored members of the Club to consider chairing the committee. The Programs committee is in great need of a chair. No one seems excited about that opportunity, but being the chair of this committee presents unique business opportunities.
Greg Rediske spoke to us about the New Member committee, and how the committee has improved the initial membership process exponentially. There are really two different committees on this committee: new member orientation and mentoring. As for new member orientation, the Bylaws have been changed to not require attendance of a Fireside Chat in order to obtain one’s Blue Badge. To obtain a blue badge, a new member must (1) join a committee and (2) attend a meeting of the Board. With respect to mentoring, Greg indicated that a list of mentors has been established but we could always use more. Greg also spoke to us about how new members need to get involved in the Puffin Committee.
Nicole Hancock spoke to us about the Lakewood Community Foundation Committee. She spoke about the permanent endowment and how funds which go toward the endowment must  be solely for the benefit of Lakewood. The LC Foundation consists of nine members: three from Clover Park Rotary, three from Lakewood Rotary, and three citizen members. Nicole indicated that any interested person would have to make 4-6 time commitments a year. If you are interested in being a member of the LC Foundation Committee, you should contact Nicole, Anne Enquist or Greg Rediske. The LC Foundation is engaging in the “Make it a Million” campaign. $949,850 has been donated to the LC Foundation since its inception. The foundation is looking to get to one million. Hence the campaign!
Ed Shannon spoke briefly about the Military Appreciation Committee. He voiced support from the Club for the Veterans Day lunch, in which we hear various stories from our valued veterans. He further discussed the $1,000 that the Club donated to Rock and Roll pickle ball. The committee put money toward a flight academy, and donated money to the Daughters of the Revolution, supporting Wreaths Across America, and Puget Sound Honor Flight. There are nine members on the Military Appreciation Committee.
Chuck Hellar spoke about the Next Step and Sergeant at Arms Committees. He said that the SAA committee, if you are interested in joining, requires that you show up at 11:15 to sell raffle tickets and/or help collect fine (formerly citation) money that is tendered at meetings, and properly document that. With respect to Next Step, Chuck mentioned that it had been pretty well covered a couple of weeks ago. Essentially, the Next Step program is a two-year program in which volunteers assist students by looking at their essays for college admission, and discussing their time-management strategies. Next Step is a fantastic program that Lakewood Rotary is proud to be a part of.
Gary Fulton asked for forgiveness for what Diego would call “blah blah blah” prior to speaking about the Rotary Foundation. He reminded us that Mike McGowan originally took the reins of the Foundation. Gary gave praise to Steve Enquist for his great work for the Foundation. Gary informed us that $59,369 has been contributed by Lakewood Rotary toward the Foundation so far this year. Most importantly, $1,120,924 has been contributed by Lakewood Rotary to the Foundation, since the inception of the Club. Well done.
John Lowney discussed the Partners for Parks Committee, and the laudable work done on the Waughop Trail by this committee. Additionally, he mentioned the work by this committee on the playground at Springbrook, and the $1,000 put toward the Chambers Creek trailhead. Finally, Joe Quinn discussed the Greeters Committee. He essentially said that your job as a greeter is to do just that: greet members and guests when they first get to the meeting. Joe gave $50 for he and Kirsten’s (my Mom) 50th wedding anniversary.
Diego closed the meeting by reminding us all that we should drink plenty of tequila to supplement his income. He thanked everyone for allowing him to come to the meeting. He closed his visit (Don’s final words as president) with the following:
“And now the end is near, and so I face the final curtain. My Rotary friends, I’ll say it clear, I’ll state my case of which I’m certain. I’ve live a Rotary president’s’ life that’s full, I’ve travelled each and every Lakewood Rotary Highway. And more, much more than this, I did it my way.” Then Diego disappeared and the mic dropped.
Thank you, Don, for being a fantastic president for this Club. Your hard work and dedication will always be remembered, and your commitment has not gone unrecognized.
For the drawing, Troy Wilcox drew the white chip for $5.
Finally, if you read this bulletin, tell Greg Rediske and get a make-up. And if you do any online shopping, do so on Amazon Smile so a portion of your purchase can go towards Lakewood Rotary.
For Friday, June 6, the program will be the Installation Meeting, introducing us to President Gayle Selden and her Board of Directors and Officers.